Train Your Brain: What Horses?

Train Your Brain: What Horses?

Training Puzzle of the Week

We rely on our eyesight every single waking moment of our life, but it has a tendency to fool us from time to time.

These are called optical illusions. Your eyes may think it sees something, but your brain says otherwise. When this happens it can be quite confusing, but it can also be fun to figure out what exactly you’re looking at.

Take a look at the picture below, exercise your mind and see if you can find what’s hidden in plain sight to answer the question:

How many horses are in this scene?

If you think you’ve figured it out, scroll down below to check your answer.

Training Puzzle - Horses


Training Puzzle Answer and Explanation


Got an answer in mind already?



There are 5 brown-white horses in total.


The brown spots of the white horses against the snow covered cliff make them extremely hard to find the first time around. Once you see past their camouflage, you’ll see that they are all neatly lined up in a row with a foal right at the end.


Were you able to find all of them?



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