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Bullying in the Workplace and WHS/OHS

0 Comments   Posted: 06/09/12   by Brent Rogers

Bullying in the Workplace and WHS OHS

Bullying in the Workplace While bullying is not a new concept, bullying within the workplace has come to light recently as workplace health and safety surveys have shown. Appropriate workplace anti-bullying training and education is more important than ever before. Stress and bullying can impact individuals dramatically and cause long term effects. Workplace stress is Read the full post

OHS Training: Construction Better than Hospitals

0 Comments   Posted: 09/08/12   by Brent Rogers

Health Sector More Unsafe than Construction Studies of more than 8 000 workers have proved that contrary to popular beliefs, nurses, doctors and community service workers across Australia feel less safe in the workplace than construction workers. Importance of OHS Training There are commonly held misconceptions about the types of hazards that can be considered Read the full post

OHS Asbestos Scare

0 Comments   Posted: 30/07/12   by Brent Rogers

Asbestos Scare in the Parliament South Australia’s lower chamber of Parliament has been closed amid a huge occupational health and safety asbestos scare. Though the risk is believed to be low, paint and dust within the chamber have tested positive to asbestos and the Parliament will remain closed until OH&S officials deem it safe to Read the full post

Career Pathways after OHS Certification

2 Comments   Posted: 04/07/12   by Brent Rogers

Career Pathways for OHS Certification

Occupational health and safety aims at reducing the risk of injury or illness in an occupational setting. Traditionally, employers and safety officers have had the approach of fixing problems as soon as they become apparent. Today, there is emphasis placed on the prevention of OH&S problems through training, policy making, managing human resources and implementing Read the full post

OHS Training Shows Unhealthy Habits

0 Comments   Posted: 07/06/12   by Brent Rogers

OHS Reports that Manufacturing Workers are Most Unhealthy Blue Collar VS White Collar Traditionally, blue collar workers perform manual labour such as manufacturing, mining and construction. The physical nature of their occupation portrays an image of health and fitness. However, this change within the manufacturing industry is attributed to the integration of technology leading to Read the full post

OHS Training: Safety Reps and Safety Officers

0 Comments   Posted: 13/04/10   by Inspire Media

Bullying in the Workplace and WHS OHS

There seems to be confusion for many people who work in the safety industry over what a Health and Safety Representative is required to do, and how the company they work for should act towards the Safety Rep. Here is some information to clarify the role of the Health and Safety Representative and try to Read the full post


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