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OHS Tips for the Office

0 Comments   Posted: 19/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Tips on improving work health and safety in the office

Keeping Safe in the Office Developments in technology and the roll-out of faster, more stable internet across the country have created a situation where more Australians than ever are able to work remotely. Many roles can now be effectively performed while working in a home office or on the go. Proving a workplace free from Read the full post

Christmas in the Workplace and OH&S

0 Comments   Posted: 13/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Christmas and Work Health and Safety

It’s that time of year again, CHRISTMAS! For an occupational health and safety officer this can mean many things. It’s first time to plan a work safe Christmas party, and secondly a time to look at the year as a whole and where any OHS hazards or issues could be fixed or new policies put Read the full post


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