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Child Care Costs: Who Should Carry The Financial Burden?

0 Comments   Posted: 14/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Who Should Carry The Financial Burden of Child Care Costs?

Increasing Cost of Child Care in Australia Rising child care costs for Australian families have been a hot topic in 2012, a problem mirrored in many other developed nations. A drive to decrease the ratio of children to carers, improve the pay of child care workers and set minimum standards for education for workers is Read the full post

Famous Accounting Scandals

0 Comments   Posted: 04/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Famous Accounting Scandals

Famous Accounting Scandals Accounting is often criticized as being a dry or boring profession. However, when done poorly or fraudulent practices are involved, accountancy sits at the heart of many of the most notorious business scandals and collapses in history. Within the last 10 years alone, many huge companies – often household names – have been guilty Read the full post


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