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Child Care Costs: Who Should Carry The Financial Burden?

0 Comments   Posted: 14/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Who Should Carry The Financial Burden of Child Care Costs?

Increasing Cost of Child Care in Australia Rising child care costs for Australian families have been a hot topic in 2012, a problem mirrored in many other developed nations. A drive to decrease the ratio of children to carers, improve the pay of child care workers and set minimum standards for education for workers is Read the full post

Child Care Linked To Obesity

0 Comments   Posted: 10/12/12   by Brent Rogers

You Need to Know These Things About Child Care and Obersity Obesity in Child Care A recent Canadian study found that young children who attend child care are 50 percent more likely to be overweight than those who are cared for by a parent at home. The researchers from the University of Montreal and CHU Read the full post


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