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Project Management: What To Do When Projects Fail

0 Comments   Posted: 19/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Project Management: What To Do When Projects Fail

Like many project managers, you have probably found that projects rarely go perfectly to plan. And at times, you may have experienced project failure. It happens to even the best project managers and there are several steps you can take in an event of a project failure to safeguard against it happening again in the Read the full post

Top 4 Apps for Project Management

1 Comment   Posted: 13/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Top 4 Apps for Project Management

Now, as a project manager you will undoubtedly be busy, busy, busy with your main focus just getting through the current project at hand (or maybe even just today!). With a little help from technology, these apps are a fantastic resource tools to help you better plan, organise, secure and manage your resources and ultimately Read the full post

What is Project Management?

0 Comments   Posted: 30/11/12   by Brent Rogers

What is Project Management? Essentially, Project Management is planning, organizing, securing, management, leading and controlling resources to achieve a specific goal! As a project manager you will oversee the planning and executing of projects in a variety of industries including construction, architecture, IT, mining and OHS. Why a Study Project Management Course? The Project Management Read the full post


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