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Working in the Bookkeeping Industry – an Employer’s Perspective

0 Comments   Posted: 28/11/13   by Inspire Media

Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry

What’s it Like Working in the Bookkeeping Industry? Today Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry. When I started Books Onsite over 7 years ago there were no real regulations in place governing who could work as a bookkeeper. It was a real “cottage industry” and I was Read the full post

How to set your bookkeeping prices and rates

0 Comments   Posted: 19/09/13   by William Cowie

How much should you charge as a bookkeeper?

One of the rewards of being a contract bookkeeper or registered BAS agent is having the ability to set your own rates and your own working hours. A career as either of these can be rewarding with many Australian businesses needing their services to comply with financial regulations. Among these valuable services that you can Read the full post

Do you need an Australian Business Number?

0 Comments   Posted: 12/12/12   by Brent Rogers

Anyone trying to set up a business in Australia really should have an Australian Business Number (ABN), particularly if they’re planning to service other business clients. It is an 11 digit identifying number that businesses use when dealing with other businesses, often placed on invoices and other documents relating to sales. If you don’t provide Read the full post

Professional Bookkeeping Associations in Australia

2 Comments   Posted: 23/11/12   by Brent Rogers

Professional Bookkeeping Associations in Australia

So you’ve just finished your Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. You’re looking for a job, just got a job, or have started your own bookkeeping business. Should you join a bookkeeping association? It’s important to remember that it is not now, nor is it expected to be in the future, a requirement for bookkeepers to be Read the full post


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