Warning: Are your safety qualifications fake?

Warning: Are your safety qualifications fake?

Mine workers in Queensland may unknowingly be operating with fake safety qualifications, according to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Rockhampton police have charged the director of North Australian Career and Training Services with offences relating to fraud and forgery. The training organisation is alleged to have been issuing fake qualifications and certificates, reports The Morning Bulletin.

Detective Sergeant Nick Williams says that fake certificates could have been issued as far back as 2012. He is urging anyone with qualifications, particularly related to occupational health safety or human resources, to check their certificates.

According to Det Sgt Williams, “it’s quite possible [the training organisation director] has been conducting training for a period of over two years in which the qualifications may not be recognised”.

A spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources and Mines said the department was concerned about the possibility of people working with falsified credentials.

“The Queensland Government takes very seriously the need for workers in the mining industry to manage risk by operating with valid and competent mine safety training qualifications,” the spokesperson said.

“That is why a safety alert is being issued to all mining industry operators to check their training records and assess their exposure to the possibility of fraudulent qualifications issued by training providers.”

How do you identify a fake certificate or qualification

Fraudulent certificates can sometimes be identified by their appearance. Check to see if your name is printed off centre, or the certificate looks like it’s been scanned and then printed.

If you believe you may have been issued a fraudulent certificate, contact your training organisation and get in touch with Queensland Government Mines Inspectorate to inform them of any anomalies.

You can also check your training organisation’s scope of registration to see if they are able to train and assess the qualification they issued you. All registered training organisations in Australia are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Once an organisation is accredited, it is listed on the official government training registry, training.gov.au, along with the qualifications they are able to deliver and/or assess.

Using Inspire Education’s scope of registration as an example, you can see we are registered to deliver and assess the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and Diploma of Work Health and Safety Australia-wide, along with a number of other vocational qualifications.

If you are in need of nationally recognised and accredited health and safety training , please contact us on 1800 506 5091800 506 509 or learn more about health and safety qualifications here:

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Diploma of Work Health and Safety


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