New Hub Sneak Peek

New Hub Sneak Peek



‘Get started’ is for more than just day one!

The new ‘Get started’ section of The Hub is the most important place for our new students to focus on before getting into their course.

But it’s not just for the newbies! It’s so much more than that!

We want all our students to find their spark, feel excited and prepared for the career path and training course they’ve chosen so it’s important to us we help you get there.

‘Get started’ is a springboard into a community where you’ll feel empowered, passionate and proud to be a part of.

We believe an engaged and valued student is a successful student and we want to help you achieve that – from start to finish.

The new Hub deserves to go live with a big bang, so make sure you watch the ‘Get to know The Hub’ video! It’ll show you all the great new features.

Get ready!

What do you think of the new Hub? Let us know!

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