Get to Know the New TAE40122!

Are you a Registered Training Organisation Trainer? Aspiring to become an RTO Trainer? Are you currently enrolled in the TAE40116 course?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, you may be one of those who are worried about another upgrade.

Yes, we are talking about the new TAE22.

As always, the new qualification will have a new code (expected to be TAE40122) with the same title, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Nobody knows exactly when it will be released, but here’s a quick look at where it’s at:

  • The Case for Change was approved at the AISC meeting on 19 August 2021.
  • Phase 1 consultations ran from October to December 2021, and then Phase 2 consultations ran from February to March 2022.
  • All post-public review TAE training products went out for public validation last 29 July 2022.

We are sure you still have several questions in the back of your mind, so in this blog post, we will answer some of the common questions about this topic. Note that the information provided in the next section is based on the information available at the moment, and our years of experience as one of the top Registered Training Organisations in Australia.


Why is there a need for a new version?

time to update writing on stripped wallpaper

PwC’s Skills for Australia prepared a case for change in 2021 and included the main points below. Case for Change can be found here.

  • TAE units deliver outdated skills and knowledge
  • Packaging rules of TAE qualifications do not provide adequate flexibility for learners
  • The TAE Training Packages lack ‘stackable’ skill sets
  • The TAE Training Packages do not support nor clearly articulate the range and diversity of career pathways through the VET industry
  • The TAE Training Packages do not accommodate learners with prior teaching experience in other education sectors
  • It might feel like it’s “too early” for a new version, but looking at the previous versions, you will see a pattern.
  • TAA40104 was released in 2004 > replaced by TAE40110 in 2010 > replaced by TAE40116 in 2016 > TAE40122 to replace TAE40116.


So what are the changes?

The new qualification will require 12 units of competency (current TAE40116 only requires 10).

e-Learning Units of competency will be included:

  • TAEDEL4XX Plan, organise and facilitate e-learning
  • TAEASS404 E-assess competence
  • Recently, the IRC has agreed to the development of two new units of competency to sit as electives.
  • TAEDEL415 Facilitate training within a vocational education and training environment
  • TAEDEL416 Facilitate learning for young vocational learners

You probably already know that TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools will be removed as a core unit.


Is TAE40122 equivalent to TAE40116?

As per the draft, it is deemed equivalent.

Also, the Standards for RTOs 2015 haven’t changed and still state that the qualification required to teach and assess in an RTO is the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment OR its successor.

So if you’re enrolled in the TAE40116 course, there’s NO REASON for you to stop attending training sessions and working on your projects.


What do we think about the new TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

man contemplating about new training and assessment course

Most of the time, industry professionals are not pleased to see news about qualification updates, because it means time and money to be spent. We even found a petition to stop the upcoming TAE upgrade where most of the comments say it is unnecessary.

In reality, all qualifications get updated at some point in time. We can’t deny that it is a normal part of any industry’s growth and evolution.

We hope that everyone will be actively involved in the review process (as explained in the first part of this blog post) and be open to opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills.

Nobody wants this to be a money-making/box-ticking affair, so we hope that in the end, the updates are really going to help trainers improve the way they train and assess.