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Course Code: TAE40116

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Gain Australia’s Latest Training and Assessment Qualification

The TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been superseded, and the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is now the new standard to become a qualified trainer and assessment.

If you wish to upgrade your qualification to maintain vocational currency and be at the forefront of the training industry, then you can enrol in the full course and submit evidence of your previous studies and training experience. There is no longer a straight TAE40104 to TAE40116 upgrade course, instead you may be assigned to a higher cohort in the full TAE40116 course for a more appropriate study plan that takes advantage of your existing knowledge.

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If you hold the TAE40110 qualification, please click here for the TAE40110 to TAE40116 upgrade.

TAA40104 to TAE40116 Upgrade

The most current ‘train the trainer’ course is the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as it has superseded the older TAE40110 and TAA40104 qualifications. The TAE40116 is now the standard qualification for those who wish to pursue workplace and vocational trainer and assessor roles.

There is currently no available TAA40104 upgrade option right now, and you will need to enrol in the full TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  course to update your qualification. However, because you already hold an existing qualification, your study load for the new TAE40116 online may be significantly reduced.

The changing needs in the training and assessment industry saw the addition of the TAELLN411 (Address Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills) and the TAEASS502 (Develop Assessment Tools) in the new training and assessment course requirements.

Course Units

The new TAE40116 Cert IV in Training and Assessment is comprised of 10 course units, 9 of which are core units and 1 elective unit. Please read all course information about this latest qualification here.

Core Units (9 total):

  • TAEDES401 – Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDES402 – Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
  • TAEDEL401 – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • TAEDEL402 – Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEASS401 – Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402 – Assess competence
  • TAEASS403 – Participate in assessment validation
  • TAEASS502 – Design and develop assessment tools
  • TAELLN411 – Address adult language, literacy, and numeracy skills

Elective Units (1 total):

  • BSBCMM401 – Make a presentation

Since you already hold the TAA40104 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification, you may have a significantly lighter course load when studying for the new TAE40116 training and assessment course.

The expected study hours for the full Cert IV Training and Assessment course can range between 600 hours to 1201 hours and will heavily be affected by your knowledge and experience in the training industry. You will need less time to study for this qualification if you have recent training-related work experience.

The recommended study hours for this course is prescribed by your ‘Cohort’, which is based on your current level of skills and knowledge . The Cohort is determined through the Personal Learning Evaluation Plan you will undergo when you enrol:

Beginner – Individuals who have no recent experience in the training and assessment industry, and have minimal industry-related skills and knowledge belong to this cohort. They will typically spend the most time in studying the course. Study time can go up to 1201 hours. Course duration is 12 months.
Intermediate – Learners who have recent industry-related experience, and moderate skills and knowledge in the training industry. Study time  for this cohort is up to 981 hours. Course duration is 12 months.
Advanced – Learners with substantial knowledge and skills in the training and assessment industry. Learners in this cohort have at least 2 years of recent work experience as a trainer and assessor in an RTO/TAFE. Study time is up to 748 hours. Course duration is 12 months.
Expert – Learners who have worked as a trainer and assessor in an RTO/TAFE for at least 5 years and have expertise in the training and assessment industry are grouped in this cohort. They will typically spend the least amount of time studying for this course. Study time is up to 600 hours. Course duration is 12 months.

Learners who hold the TAE40104 may be assigned to the Advanced Cohort, if they have sufficient and recent industry experience.

You may be assigned to a higher cohort depending on the following:

  • How long you have been working as a trainer and assessor in RTOs
  • Your amount of work experience in a stakeholder of the VET industry
  • If you have designed learning programs and assessment tools for the Vocational Education and Training sector
  • If you have participated regularly in assessment validations

You will need to provide evidence to support your level of skills and knowledge to update your TAA40104 to the TAE40116.

Trainers who possess the old qualification and have substantial experience in the training industry may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Through the RPL, you may gain partial or full credit for units in the course. This means that your work experience may help you gain your qualification faster.

Update Your TAA40104 To The New TAE with these Easy Steps!

Obtaining your TAE40116 qualification is a seamless process — just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enquire now to get complete course details for the new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  2. Enrol in the TAE40116 course and indicate that you would like to apply for RPL in the enrolment form
  3. Our trainers will discuss your RPL opportunities with you and what evidence you can utilise for Recognition
  4. Provide a certified copy of your old TAA40104 Certificate
  5. Provide evidence to support any RPL opportunities open to you
  6. Undergo gap training through the mixed mode online course and vocational placement in an RTO to complete any remaining course units.

You can read all the course requirements, entry requirements, resources, and other information for the new TAE40116 Certificate IV Training and Assessment by clicking here.

NOTE: Due to processing timeframes as outlined in our student handbook, Inspire Education cannot guarantee that work submitted or resubmitted after 1 March 2019 will be assessed and processed by 1 April 2019.

How Do You Get Started with Updating Your TAA40104?

You can click on the enquiry form on this page, fill up the form, and submit it now. The enrolment link, latest pricing information, and other details will be emailed to you. It would be our pleasure to help you update your TAA40104 to the leading  training qualification in Australia — the Cert IV TAE (TAE40116)!

Please read our Refund Policy, Complaints and Appeals Policy, and other information on our student handbook.

Inspire works with a range of reputable parties to market and recruit for national qualification and courses. Students of Inspire Education may be recruited by other parties under specific arrangements.

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