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Study Australia’s leading teacher’s aide course with Inspire Education!

Always wanted to work with children, and make a difference in their lives? Become a qualified Teacher’s Aide or Teacher Assistant by studying Australia’s latest teacher’s aide course online – and embark on a rewarding career.

Inspire’s leading education support course is the Certificate III in School Based Education Support, a nationally recognised qualification for individuals seeking jobs that support students and teachers in a wide range of education settings, and schools.

Possible workplaces include both public and independent schools, community centres, preschools, and other learning institutions.

Become a qualified teacher’s aide by studying our nationally-recognised Certificate III Teacher’s Aide course.

You’ll learn the new skills and knowledge you need to gain employment as a teacher assistant in an educational environment to support student learning, in both public and private schools.

Develop new skills, such as how to support children, and help young people develop language, literacy, and numeracy skills. You’ll also learn how to promote a safe learning environment, and work with a diverse range of teachers and support students.

Study your teacher’s aide course online, and gain a nationally recognised qualification – so you can support teachers, empower children, and help create positive learning experiences in schools and a classroom environment.

Choose your preferred teachers aide course below, and work towards your career goals!

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Australia's leading teachers aide course

CHC30221 | Certificate III in School Based Education Support

This course is ideal if you want to become a Teacher’s Aide in a school setting, and support children to learn and develop in a classroom environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jobs can people completing a teacher's aide course normally pursue?

Holding a qualification in teacher’s aide is the minimum standard to gain employment in many types of education settings in Australia.

Common jobs that people who successfully complete teacher’s aide qualifications are:

  • Education Aide
  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Education Assistant
  • Preschool Aide
  • Integration Aide

Jobs in the education sector, where you help and support children, young people, and student education each day can be a highly rewarding career.

What main skills will I learn when I complete a course in education support?

Our latest education support course will teach you critical skills and knowledge needed by a teacher’s aide, teacher assistant, or educational assistant in a range of educational facilities, to assist teachers in the classroom and help ensure all children have the help they need.

You will also learn to work effectively with students, colleagues, and a diverse range of people, including promoting their safety, and the safety of indigenous Australians.

How long will it take me to complete a teacher's aide qualification?

Our Certificate III level Teacher’s Aide online course has an expected study time of up to 948 hours (including Vocational Placement), depending on your industry experience.

Studying online, students can work at their own pace through self-directed learning, and complete the course much sooner if they wish to.

What evidence can I submit if I want to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for a course in education support?

If you wish to apply RPL for a qualification in teacher’s aide, examples of some acceptable evidence are the following:

  1. Course transcripts, statement of attainment, and certificates
  2. References and documentation of your previous work responsibilities
  3. Work samples

To apply, simply indicate on your enrolment form that you wish to receive RPL. An RPL Assessor will contact you to check your eligibility for each unit and explain what you need to submit. The amount of RPL you receive will depend on the evidence you provide and any remaining assessment can be completed through gap training.

Is vocational placement required, and where should I get a placement?

Yes, work placement is required to complete your teacher aide qualification to give you hands-on experience supporting students, classroom programs, and their learning experience in a school setting.

You must complete vocational placement within an approved and regulated classroom environment catering to primary or secondary school students, in order to gain the Certificate III in School Based Education Support.

You need to complete a minimum of 100 hours up to a maximum of 240 hours to fulfil the work placement requirement and complete your study.

Become a Teacher’s Aide

I’m happy that I’ve chosen Inspire Education for my course “Certificate III in Education Support”. It was so many offers on the market but I did the right thing. I’ve read many reviews and it was a special offer. The assessors’ help is endless! They are always happy to navigate, give advice, and always very friendly.
Also, I would like to mention, there are lots of additional info along with the subject’s material. I would highly recommend Inspire education to my friends and others who is looking for the right place to study!

Elena Saenko – Certificate III in Education Support
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