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Course Description

This nationally accredited Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is a nationally, and internationally recognised qualification in teaching English to domestic and international students.  It’s an ideal course, for those wishing to teach English overseas, or here in Austraila.

Inspire Education’s (RTO# 32067) TESOL qualification will help give you the skills, experience, and credentials you need to pursue a large range of roles teaching English to adult ESL students, either here in Australia, or overseas.

During this course, you will gain the skills needed to teach English and become online English language teachers in a wide range of settings.  This includes learning to help adult learners learn and improve their grammar, pronunciation and speech.  Also, you will learn to help overseas students gain English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, and prepare for English language tests, using a range of TESOL methods.

TESOL is also suitable for qualified TESOL teachers who wish to teach English to overseas students – potentially opening up exciting new teaching jobs.

Where Can the Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Take Your Career?

Becoming qualified in teaching English as a second language is an exciting and life-changing career move.  The 10773NAT Cert IV TESOL online course is the qualification of choice for anyone wishing to:

  • Teach English Overseas
  • Teach English Online
  • Teach English Abroad
  • Gain English Teacher Jobs
  • Apply for TESOL Jobs
  • Teach English as a second language courses here in Australia
  • Teach Overseas
  • Teach English to immigrants in Australia
  • Teach English to international students online
  • Become a TESOL teacher
  • Teach ESL in Australia

Looking at Australia’s TESOL teacher jobs outlook will give you a glimpse of the online ESL jobs you can take on—possible tasks, salary information, skill level required, and industry growth forecast.  Click on the links to explore where the Cert IV in TESOL can take you as an online English teacher or teach English overseas.

Inspire works with a range of reputable parties to market and recruit for national qualification and courses. Students of Inspire Education may be recruited by other parties under specific arrangements.

Yes!  We price match.  Want to study with Inspire, but have found a cheaper, equivalent course elsewhere? If so, let us know!  We want to help you ‘Find your Spark’ – so talk to us, and we’ll do our best to match their price! Ask us now!  Call 1800 506 509 for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Course Details

Course Code:

Course Name:

10773NAT Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Course Duration:

Expected Study Hours:

Up to 12 months Up to 560 hours, depending on your experience

Delivery Methods:


Mixed Mode (Work Placement Required) Start any time for Online Self-Paced!
Study at Your Own Pace

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Course Delivery Options & Duration

Course Delivery

Inspire Education (RTO# 32067) delivers the 10773NAT Cert IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) online, and through Mixed Mode Delivery.  This means students complete their English teaching courses at their own pace, using Inspire’s online student portal.  Delivery includes face-to-face webinars, self-paced study, directed research, and online learning and assessment materials and activities.

Online study is ideal if you want to learn according to your own schedule, and gain your qualification as fast as you can.  You can study at your own pace with full trainer support throughout your studies.  Your course materials are accessed online, so you are free to work on your course in your own time, from anywhere in Australia.

This online Cert IV TESOL course can be studied from anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth – as well as other cities, remote communities, or anywhere with internet access.

Being online, this English language teaching course has a rolling intake throughout the year.  This means you can enrol and start your course straight away, or on your preferred start date.

Please read our policies and procedures in the Inspire student handbook before enrolling by clicking here.

Course Duration

You will have up to 12 months starting from your commencement date to complete the Self-Paced Online course.  Students can enrol anytime during the year under this delivery method.

What Will You Learn in the TESOL Course?

The 10773NAT Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) will give you the skills needed to apply and teach English to overseas students here in Australia, or teach English overseas.

You will learn to teach the English pronunciation, correct English grammar, and speech to ESL students.  You will also gain skills to help them improve their English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Also, during this teaching English online course, will learn how to plan and prepare lessons, organise, and deliver group-based learning, and gain teaching skills to source and develop resources that support the learning of your students.

Learn to teach English to international students – and help them gain self-confidence to reach their goals and dreams with your English teaching skills!

Entry Requirements

Entry into this Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is open to both senior high school students (specifically Years 11 and 12) and mature students.

All learners are required to have the ability to read, write, and speak English fluently and accurately. For native English speakers, these abilities are checked via a thorough oral communication evaluation, as included in the LLN Evaluation.

Non-native speakers will need to have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 6.5 (Competent User) or equivalent grading. This means they can speak at length with minimal loss of coherence and minimal mispronunciation; possess a wide enough vocabulary to discuss topics at length; paraphrase successfully; frequently produce error-free sentences; and be understood throughout.

Is it recommended that students:

  • Are 18 years old or older
  • Have basic computer skills
  • Have sound language and literacy skills (at least Year 10 English, or equivalent)

Students are also required to:

  • Obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI);
  • Provide a valid ID with picture and signature;
  • Undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Evaluation
  • Undertake a Personal Learning Plan Evaluation before accessing the course materials and commencing studies

All students considering a self-paced online course should give consideration to the following prior to enrolment:

  • Ability to access any required technologies
  • Information technology skills in accessing and using online programs
  • Experience and self-motivation to learn on their own
  • Competing pressures, such as work and family commitments, that may impact self-paced study time

Take our “Online Study Readiness Survey” to do a self-assessment! Visit the Inspire FAQ page for more info.

Qualification Pathways

This accredited online TESOL course may assist in gaining employment as an ESL teacher (teaching English online) or tutor in Australia, and overseas. That said, to teach English in some Australian schools, additional professional teaching qualifications and experience may be required.

To teach under NEAS, a trainer will need to hold the Certificate IV in TESOL, plus a full 3-year Degree as a minimum. Students currently enrolled in this course should consider enrolling in other online courses to support any specialisations.

  • Students interested in providing other forms of training might enrol in the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment; this is a requirement for teachers teaching English online in TAFE
  • Students interested in specialising in child care training might enrol in the CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Students interested in providing educational support services in schools might enrol in the CHC30221 Certificate III in Education Support

Students are also able to further their studies in the area of TESOL by studying for the Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and be able to grab more opportunities in terms of teaching online or getting English online jobs. The Cert IV online TESOL course is a mandatory requirement for this Diploma in teaching English online.

Course Units

The 10773NAT Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) consists of eleven (11) core units and one (1) elective unit.


TAEDEL401 – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
TESCUL401 – Develop and apply knowledge of cultural factors affecting TESOL teachers
TESPRN402 – Assist learners to improve pronunciation and speech
TESGRM403 – Assist learners to learn or improve grammar
TESRES404 – Source and develop resources to support learning
TESRED405 – Assist learners develop reading and writing skills
TESSPK406 – Assist learners develop speaking and listening skills
TESASS407 – Assess language learning
TESMTH408 – Apply a range of TESOL methodologies
TESTST409 – Assist learners prepare for English language tests
TESCAL410 – Use Computer Assisted Language Learning to assist learners


TESCHD412 – Use creative strategies to assist children to learn English

Resources Provided by Inspire

To support you in your studies Inspire will provide:

  • Access to a student account in the LMS for submission
  • Learning Materials and Assessment Workbooks
  • Simulations, where applicable
  • Templates for completing Project Documents

Resources Supplied by the Student

To complete your studies for this TESOL certificate, you will need to have access to:

  • A computer with:
    • Internet access through Google Chrome
    • MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or equivalent applications
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Printer and scanner
  • At least eight (8) adult learners
  • An observer qualified with TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or its successor) or a video-recording equipment (mobile phone, camera, or similar)
  • At least four (4) ESL Learners to conduct practice tests with and provide feedback to

Students will also need to arrange and do six (6) hours of supervised practical teaching at an English Academy or a school with language learners to complete this course. The school must provide access to:

  • A mentor-teacher who holds a TESOL qualification or a higher ESL degree AND the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • At least eight (8) adult ESL Learners
  • At least eight (8) children ESL Learners
  • Assessment/Testing Tools of the Organisation
  • Equipment and Technology used in teaching/assessing
  • One (1) teacher to observe and provide two-way feedback

Work Placement

To successfully complete this online English teaching course, students will need to initiate contact with an approved education institution to complete workplace-based experience and solidify practical skills relevant to the qualification.

Students are required to do six (6) hours of supervised practical teaching under a qualified supervisor at an English Academy or a school with English language learners.

Workplaces may require students to present additional requirements such as a police check, blue card, or working with children check. For COVID-19 vaccination enquiries, please refer to our Vocational Placement FAQs. The student is responsible for ensuring they have all the requirements for their chosen work placement facility prior to undertaking supervised practical teaching.

The requirements from the approved school facility are listed in the Resources section.

Course Outline & Structure

Expected Study Hours

Up to 560 hours, depending on industry experience

For this course, learners will complete a Personal Learning Plan Evaluation as part of the enrolment process. Upon completing this evaluation, you will be provided with a training plan that identifies your Cohort, taking into account your existing level of relevant knowledge and skills.

The amount of training and support required for each learner will vary on these 3 Cohorts:

  • Beginner (Full Study Model) – consists of students with limited relevant knowledge or skill in the competence contained in this TESOL qualification online and with no recent related industry experience; study hours is up to 560 hours
  • Intermediate (Partial Study Model) – consists of students with moderate prior knowledge and skill in the competence contained in this qualification and with limited recent related industry experience; study hours is up to 335 hours
  • Expert (Assessment only) – consists of students with current industry experience of 2 or more years and extensive relevant knowledge and skill; these candidates are recommended to undertake a full recognition pathway; study hours is up to 355 hours

Assessment Methods

Assessment is conducted using a combination of Questioning (e.g. written/oral questions, interviews, self-evaluation, and questionnaires), Product-based Methods (e.g. reports, displays, work samples, role plays, presentations, and outputs), Direct Observation* (e.g. assessments in real-time in the workplace or in a simulated off-the-job situation that reflects the workplace), and Third-Party Evidence (e.g. observation, skills workbook, workplace assessment workbook, logbook, and third-party reports)

*Students have the option to be observed by a qualified third-party observer or to send a video recording to be observed by an Inspire Education qualified assessor

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is available to any learner who can provide evidence of competency for the units offered within the qualification. See the RPL Guide for more information on this process and how to apply.

Career Pathways

Once you’ve gained the Cert IV in TESOL, you are now qualified for an online teaching job, specifically a career in teaching English online.  Career information provided by My Skills says that individuals who complete the Certificate IV are most often employed as:

  • Community and Personal Service Workers (18.3%)
  • Professionals (60.0%)
  • Managers (9.1%)
^To enrol now, pay only the upfront fee and take advantage of easy monthly payments for the remaining course balance. View the course information pack for complete pricing details.
*Payment plans and options are available to selected courses only. Course timetables only for courses that offer blended delivery option.