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Course Description

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) is Australia’s latest Certificate 3 in Aged Care.  It is designed for those who are seeking work in aged care facilities, disability services, health, and community organisations that provide care and services to seniors and the elderly.

Inspire Education’s (RTO# 32067) online Cert 3 aged care course will give you core skills in aged care that you need to widen your job options, and apply for jobs in a range of aged care, disability, and community care facilities and organisations.

You will gain a range of essential skills you need to provide care services for the elderly.  You will learn how to help empower older people, support their well being, and provide personal care for your clients.  Additionally, you will learn about human health, safety, and how to communicate and work legally and ethically in the health and community services sector.

There are few jobs more rewarding than working in aged care – and getting proper aged care training is the perfect place to start.

This is the Aged Care specialisation of the Certificate III in Individual Support course. Click on the links below to view the:
1. Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)
2. Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community)

Where Can The Certificate III In Individual Support (Ageing) Take Your Career?

Previously called Cert III in Aged Care, this course is the most current nationally recognised and accredited aged care training course.  Having an individual support qualification that specialises in Ageing is ideal for anyone seeking employment in the aged care industry.  It is also great for those seeking a range of career options and job opportunities, including:

  • Accommodation support worker
  • Assistant in nursing
  • Care assistant
  • Care service employees
  • Care worker
  • Community care worker
  • Community house worker
  • Community support worker
  • Disability service officer (in some jurisdictions)
  • Field officer
  • Home care assistant
  • In-home respite worker
  • Nursing assistant
  • Personal care giver/worker
  • Residential care worker
  • Support worker

Looking at Australia’s aged carer jobs outlook will give you a glimpse of the career opportunities available—possible tasks, salary information, skill level required, and industry growth forecast. Click on the links to explore where this Cert III Aged Care can take you.

Inspire works with a range of reputable parties to market and recruit for national qualifications and courses. Students of Inspire Education may be recruited by other parties under specific arrangements.

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Course Details

Course Code:

Course Name:

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)

Course Duration:

Expected Study Hours:

12 months Up to 908 hours (including Vocational Placement)

Delivery Methods:


Mixed Mode (Vocational Placement Required) Start any time for online learning!
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Course Delivery Options & Duration

Course Delivery

Inspire Education (RTO# 32067) delivers the CHC33015 Cert III Individual Support (Ageing) through Mixed Mode Delivery (with required Vocational Placement), which means it will be self-paced and completed via distance education using Inspire’s online student portal.  Delivery includes face-to-face webinars creating a virtual classroom, online study, directed research and online study and assessment materials and activities.

This is ideal if you want to study according to your own schedule, and gain your qualification as fast as you can.  Your course materials are accessed online and you are free to work on the course requirements on your own time from anywhere in Australia.  Our online courses are available Australia-wide, including remote areas and major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

The CHC33015 course runs all throughout the year. This allows you to enrol and start your course straight away or on your preferred commencement date.

Course Duration

You will have up to 12 months starting from your commencement date to complete the course.  Students can enrol anytime in the year under this delivery method.

You will consolidate your skills and knowledge through undertaking a minimum of 120 hours of vocational placement in a regulated Aged Care facility.

Please read our policies and procedures in the Inspire student handbook before enrolling by clicking here.

What Will You Learn in this Aged Care Course?

This CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) online course, previously Certificate 3 in Aged Care, will prepare you for a rewarding career in the aged, health, or community care sector.

You will learn critical skill sets and knowledge to fulfil the functions of an aged care worker, and personal care for seniors and the elderly in a range of community facilities and settings.

This includes how to recognise healthy bodies, work safely with clients, and meet the individual and personal support needs of your clients.  Additionally, you will learn how to help empower older people, support their independence, and communicate and work effectively in the health and community services sector.

Most importantly, you will gain the necessary skills to work safely and effectively with older people – so that you can fulfil your passion and desire to help and provide person-centred support for others.

Follow your passion, and get first-class aged care training, today!

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements or prerequisites for this course.  However, it is preferred that students:

  • Are 18 years or older (Note: Students below 18 years old will need to investigate potential vocational placement options prior to enrolment, as some placement centres will not accept underage students)
  • Have sound language and literacy skills (at least Year 10 English, or equivalent)
  • Have basic computer skills

Students are required to:

  • Obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Provide a valid ID with his/her picture and signature
  • Undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Evaluation; and
  • Undertake a Personal Learning Plan Evaluation before accessing the course materials and commencing studies
  • Obtain a positive National Criminal History check

All students considering a self-paced online study course should give consideration to the following prior to enrolment:

  • Ability to access any required technologies
  • Information technology skills in accessing and using online programs
  • Experience and self-motivation to learn on their own
  • Competing pressures, such as work and family commitments, that may impact self-paced study time

Take our “Online Study Readiness Survey” to do a self-assessment! Visit the Inspire FAQ page for more info.

Qualification Pathways

The Cert III in Individual Support enables you to pursue job roles in a rewarding industry, including aged, community, and residential facilities.  Once enrolled, you may also consider additional training or aged care and disability courses to complement your aged care skills, with courses such as:

Course Units

This current Aged Care Course supersedes the old CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care.

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) is made up of 13 total units which covers 7 core units and 6 elective units.  It includes the required electives to specialise in elderly or senior care.

The core units below are similar across all specialisations of this course, including Aged Care, Disability, and Home Care.


CHCCCS023 – Support independence and well being
– Recognise healthy body systems
– Communicate and work in health or community services
– Work with diverse people
– Work legally and ethically
– Follow safe work practices for direct client care
– Provide individualised support

The following electives are required to gain a specialisation in aged care.


CHCCCS011 – Meet personal support needs
– Facilitate the empowerment of older people
– Provide support to people living with dementia
– Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

Additional electives have been chosen to complete your course and ensure you have a holistic and flexible set of skills for the support services industry.


CHCPAL001 – Deliver care services using a palliative approach
HLTAID011 – Provide first aid*

*NOTE: The HLTAID011 Provide First Aid unit is NOT delivered by Inspire Education, students must organise the completion of this unit via an external provider.

Resources Provided by Inspire

To support you in your online individual support course Inspire will provide:

  • Access to a student account in the Learning Management System (LMS) for submission
  • Learning Materials and Assessment Workbooks
  • Simulations, where applicable
  • Templates for completing Project Documents

Resources Supplied by the Student

To complete your online aged care course you will need to have access to:

  • Computer with:
    • Internet access through Google Chrome
    • MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or equivalent applications
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Printer and scanner
  • One (1) passenger vehicle
  • At least three (3) volunteers for role-play tasks
  • Photo, audio, and video recording equipment (e.g. phone, camera, etc.)

Requirements for Vocational Placement Providers are found under the Vocational Placement section.

Course Outline & Structure

Inspire Education has clustered the certificate 3 in individual support (ageing) to create a more effective and easy to follow learning experience. By grouping together similar course units, we have minimised the amount of repetitive course work you have to do to gain your qualification.

This means that you only need to complete 8 workbooks to complete your course instead of studying and submitting requirements for each unit individually.

You will complete a Personal Learning Plan Evaluation as part of your enrolment. You will then be provided with a training plan that identifies your Cohort, taking into account your existing level of relevant knowledge and skills.

The amount of training and support required for each learner will vary on these 4 Cohorts:

  • Beginner (Full Study Model) – includes learners who are interested in working in an individual support or aged care role without any previously completed formal qualifications; also includes learners who may be unemployed and looking for a career change; study hours is up to 908 hours
  • Intermediate (Partial Study Model) – includes learners who are interested in working in an individual support or aged care role without any previously completed formal qualifications, but may have some minor work experience related to caring for less than a year; also includes learners who are currently employed and are seeking career advancement; also includes learners who have completed a Certificate II qualification that is within the CHC Training Package; study hours is up to 718 hours
  • Advanced (Partial Recognition Pathway) – includes learners who have worked previously in an individual support or aged care role without any recent industry experience; also learners who may be working as a carer for their own business or for personal reasons without any formal qualifications for at least a year; also includes learners who have previously completed superseded versions of this qualification from the CHC08 or CHC Training Package; also learners who have completed one of the qualifications listed below, BUT not actively working in the industry; study hours is up to 463 hours
    • CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
    • CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care
    • CHC30408 Certificate III in Disability
  • Expert (Assessment only) – includes learners who have completed one of the qualifications listed below, AND are actively working in the industry; also includes learners who are currently working as a carer, or any similar roles for the last 3 years; study hours is up to 449 hours
    • CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
    • CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care
    • CHC30408 Certificate III in Disability

Expected Study Hours

There are up to 908 study hours for this course (including Vocational Placement), depending on your industry experience and relevant knowledge. You may work at your own pace as you study online, and complete your course faster if you’d like!

Assessment Methods

Questioning (e.g. written questions/questionnaires, knowledge assessment, self-reflection, self-evaluation), Product-based Methods (e.g. project, practical assessment, case study, structured tasks), Portfolio (e.g. portfolio, skills workbook, workplace assessment workbook, logbook), Direct Observation (e.g. assessments that involve observing the candidate as they complete relevant tasks), Third-Party Evidence (e.g. observation, skills workbook, workplace assessment workbook, logbook, and third-party reports), and Credit Transfer for the HLTAID011 unit.

Vocational Placement

All students are required to complete Vocational Placement as part of this cert 3 individual support (ageing) course to help you develop your skills and knowledge in caring for elderly individuals.

To successfully complete your qualification, you will need to initiate contact with an approved Registered Aged Care Facility to complete workplace-based experience and solidify practical experience and skills relevant to the qualification.

Students are all required to demonstrate evidence that they have completed a minimum of 120 hours of direct support work in at least one aged care, home and community, disability or community service organisation for the CHCCCS023 Support independence and wellbeing unit.

The Vocational Placement Provider must provide access to a workplace in an Aged Care Facility, which must include:

  • Induction, including fire evacuation drill, use of a fire extinguisher, emergency procedures, manual handling, infection control, and the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Equipment and resources normally used in the workplace including patient hoists, standing lifter, wheelchair, slide sheets, and other client assistive devices and mobility aids, and PPE
  • Job descriptions and care plans
  • WHS industry guides and other relevant organisation policy, protocols, and procedures
  • Information about accreditation standards
  • Access to health management plans, personal healthcare checklists, and personal healthcare diaries
  • Access to documents specific to the work context, such as:
    • Instructions for the use of equipment
    • Specific instructions for staff
    • Emergency response procedures
    • Fire safety policies and procedures
    • Security procedures
    • Relevant accreditation standards
  • Waste management policies and procedures
  • Access to the following people:
    • One (1) colleague
    • Three (3) older persons in the workplace with individualised care plans
    • One (1) older person in a simulated environment
    • Two (2) different people living with dementia
    • Two (2) people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds
    • Three (3) people in palliative care
    • Families of clients

The Vocational Placement will be conducted in accordance with these documents:

  • Vocational Placement Provider/Supervisor Information Pack
  • Vocational Placement Student Information Pack
  • Vocational Placement Coordinator Information Pack
  • Vocational Placement Agreement

You can see what is required by your Vocational Placement Provider here >> Vocational Placement FAQs

Note: Students are required to complete a Police Check and additional manual handling training prior to commencing their vocational placement at their chosen facility.  Any costs will be shouldered by the student.  For students planning to do their vocational placement, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommends immunisation for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and influenza.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The RPL pathway is available to any learner who can provide evidence of competency for the units offered within the qualification. See the RPL Guide for more information on this process and how to apply.

Career Pathways

Once you’ve gained the Cert III in Individual Support (Ageing), you are now qualified for a range of jobs in the aged care industry.  Career outcomes information provided by My Skills includes the following job outcomes:

  • Aged Care Worker
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Home Care Assistant

Search “aged care worker” or “home care assistant” to see all the job opportunities available right now.

^To enrol now, pay only the upfront fee and take advantage of easy monthly payments for the remaining course balance. View the course information pack for complete pricing details.
*Payment plans and options are available to selected courses only. Course timetables only for courses that offer blended delivery option.