You may be eligible for Government funding for training!

Update: The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACTEI) programme has been extended!

The new deadline to commence training is the 30th June 2015. Learn more here.

Find Out if You Are Eligible for Government Funding

Are you working in Aged Care?

Do you want some help to get accredited aged and home care training?  The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive Program (ACETI) may be the solution for you!

The Australian Government is encouraging Aged Care workers to pursue further studiesThe Australian Government is providing incentives to eligible aged care workers to undertake further studies and increase their skills in the home and community and aged care industries.  If you’re a worker commencing a training program, you could be eligible for up to $500 after starting and a further $500 after completing your course!


Why is there a need for more qualified workers in the Aged Care sector?

You may know Australia is an ‘ageing’ country.  We have an increasing number of elderly people who need care and assistance to get through their day.  We’re also implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which will provide funding to offer more support and services to people living with disabilities.  It will give them the opportunity to have more control over their own lives and decisions.  This is creating a huge demand for people to work in the aged care and disability support services sector and provide the care these people need.

What does it mean for you?

Demand for excellent support workers has created this opportunity for you to get financial assistance for formalising or increasing you skills and abilities as a care provider.  It’s an investment in your training so that you will have essential skills and abilities our communities will need for years to come.

Community care courses you can do and receive payments include:

When do you need to start your Aged Care and Home and Community Care courses?

If you’re planning to do one of these courses, you’ll need to commence (the official start date of your eligible care training course, NOT the date you enrolled in the course) your aged care, nursing or home and community care training program between the 1st of July 2010 and 30th of June 2015.  Now is the perfect time to start! Don’t put it off and miss the final deadline. 

Requirements for government funding of your aged care training

There are some restrictions on who can receive training. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to receive funding. 

You must also be employed providing some direct care in and by an eligible aged care service (on a full time, part time or casual basis) to receive the commencement training. To receive the completion payment, you need to continue that employment throughout your course until after you have successfully completed your training

Finally, you must be committed to working in the aged care and home and community care sector. You must also commence your eligible aged care training course on, or after, the 1st of July 2010 and before, or on, the 30th June 2014.

If you’re eligible for one of these community care course payments, you’ll receive:

  • $500 after you commence training in an eligible course
  • $500 after successfully completing the eligible course

You can complete multiple aged care courses or HACC courses!

 Study the Cert II in Aged Care or the Cert III in Home and Community Care to receive incentives from the ACETI program

There is no limit on how many aged care courses or home and community care courses you can complete and receive additional incentive payments!  You will need to finish the first course and receive your completion payment before you’re eligible to apply for another commencement payment.  If you get started now you should still be able to complete a one year course and start a second one!

To get more information about the ACETI program, call the Department of Health and Ageing on 1800 195 206 and select option 3 (call charges apply on mobiles and public phones).  You can also visit the Department of Health and Ageing Website, or check out the Medicare ACETI announcement HERE.

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