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World’s Weirdest Vending Machines!

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Thought the only thing that could come in a vending machine was your coke and chips? Well think again…!

Vending machines have been around for centuries, in fact, the first dates back to ancient Egypt where Greek mathematician Hero of Alexander invented a coin operated machine to dispense holy water.

In the 1880s the ‘vending machine’ as we know it today was introduced into England to sell postcards and books. Around 1888, the U.S. had adapted the concept of automatic retailing and had machines selling gum, candy, sodas and cigarettes.

Fast-forward to 2013 where the Internet can bring you just about anything and everything 24/7 and it’s no surprise the vending machine has transformed to keep up!

Check out the weird, wacky and downright strange vending machines around the world!

Here are the World’s Weirdest Vending Machines

Lettuce Vending Machine in Japan is among the weirdest in the world

Japan’s Lettuce Machine makes over 20,000 heads of lettuce every year… without a single drop of sunlight!!

Lettuce Vending Machine

Aimed at restaurants that need to make a last minute stock up on fresh produce, each lettuce vending machine in Japan can produce 60 heads of lettuce per day!

Live Crab Vending Machine

If you find yourself in the Chinese city of Nanjing keep in mind local vending machines allow you to purchase live crabs. Retailing between 1 and 7 dollars (depending on size), you are guaranteed purchase of a live crab (if not, compensation includes 3 free ones!!).

Gold Bar Vending Machine

Feeling the urge to make a solid gold investment? Head to Berlin, Germany, where you can instantly grab a 24 carat gold bar (available in 1, 5 and 10 gram sizing – something for every budget!).

Coke’s ‘Hug Me’ Vending Machine

Need a sugar hit but got no coin? If you a student at the University of Singapore, you’re in luck! The Coke vending machine on campus gives out FREE cans, all for the small price of one hug.

French Fries Vending Machine

If you’re on a diet, then this French fries vending machine is for you. Available in Canada, the potato is cooked without oil, in less than 47 seconds – fast and fat free!

Burger Vending Machine

If hitting your local fast food drive thru isn’t for you, check out the closet alternative – burger vending machines. Ideal after a night out, these machines are popping up across the world (think Russia, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA). The only question is would YOU eat from it?

Hot Dog Vending Machine

Fancy yourself a freshly cooked hot dog in less than 35 seconds…? New York hot dog label ‘Nathans’ is now available across the USA thanks to country wide vending machine distribution!

Canned Bread Vending Machine

For only $4 locals of Japan can grab themselves a snack size can of flavoured bread. Choc chip, fruit or coffee flavours are available –what would you choose?

Burger Vending Machine is one of the weirdest ones in the world

Sick of the drive thru? Grab your next take-away instantaneously with the Burger Vending Machine!

Pizza Vending Machine

Well known for their pizza and pasta, it’s no wonder Italy has created a pizza vending machine. With the ability to have a personalised pizza (made only from fresh ingredients) in your hands in less than 2 minutes, we’re surprised this hasn’t become more wide spread!

Live Bait Vending Machine

For those that get squeamish at the thought of creepy crawlies this one probably isn’t for you… The ‘Live Bait’ vending machine is perfect for fishermen in a hurry offering worms, flies and everything in between at the push of a button!

Cupcake Vending Machine

You can have your cake and eat it too (literally), with Sprinkles Cupcakes 24 hour vending machine in California!!

Baguette Vending Machine

Only in Paris can you get a baguette at any time of the day – freshly baked might I add.

Tyson Foods Vending Machine

Feeling like a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich? No problems, Tyson Foods have got you covered with a variety of chicken meals available in vending machines across America.

Have you visited any of these vending machines? What do you think is the weirdest one yet? Is there a product you’d love to see available 24/7 in a vending machine? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in a comment below!

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