World’s Top 30 Weirdest and Wackiest Laws!!

World’s Top 30 Weirdest and Wackiest Laws!!
Thinking of heading overseas with your TESOL Cert? Check out the weirdest and wackiest laws!

Thinking of heading overseas with your TESOL Cert? Check out the weirdest and wackiest laws!

Thinking of heading overseas with your TESOL Certification?

Moving to another country will not only involve becoming accustomed with different cultures but also different laws! Before you head off, make sure you check out the

World’s Top 30 Strangest Laws!!

1. Singapore

While you may be visiting Singapore for the great shopping and tourist attractions, don’t think about chewing gum – its illegal!

2. Greece

In Greece, individuals are prohibited from wearing any type of shoe that will affect an ancient site or monument (think high heels ladies!)

3. Canada

Canadians are not allowed to use more than 25 pennies per transaction! With citizens having minimal ways to palm off their 1 cent pieces, the country is now looking to completely phase out the coin.

4. Switzerland

If you plan on a move or holiday to Switzerland, be sure you have bomb protection. National laws state that everyone must have access to a bomb shelter.

5. Thailand

In Thailand, visitors and locals are prohibited from standing on currency. Not only is it against the law but it is seen as a huge sign of disrespect.

Cert IV TESOL Locations and the Wackiest Laws of the World: Thailand

Fun Fact: Stepping on currency in Thailand is illegal!

6. South Carolina, USA

In the American state of South Carolina, under-18s must not play pinball games.

7. Rome, Italy

If you’re planning on sightseeing in the country most famous for their pizza and pasta, make sure you go on a full stomach! In Rome, anyone eating near a land mark is considered to be breaking the law – fines apply!

8. Dubai, UAE

If Dubai is next on your hit list, ensure you book enough accommodation! Males and females may only share a hotel room if they are married.

In Dubai, only married males and females can share a hotel room!

9. San Diego, USA

If you’re hanging out (or going to school) in any of San Diego’s public schools, the US State has deemed it illegal to practice hypnotism!

10. The Netherlands

Given the countries reputation, many might find it surprising that apart from Amsterdam, tourists are banned from purchasing marijuana.

11. Venice, Italy

While Rome bans all eating near landmarks (Law 7), in the city of Venice laws prohibit pigeon feeding.

12. France

The French have outlawed naming pigs Napoleon.

13. Illinois, USA

In USA’s Illinois, pets are banned from smoking tobacco.

14. Florida, USA

While in Illinois pets must not smoke (Law 13), in Florida the state has banned people from ‘irritating’ pets.

15. England, UK

In Britain, you must not die in the British Parliament – it’s illegal to do so!

16. England, UK

Along with staying alive in Britain’s Parliament, the country requires that all stamps of the monarch are placed right way up! To perform the action of placing a stamp upside down is illegal!

17. Alabama, USA

If you find yourself in the American state of Alabama, ensure you do not go driving while blindfolded!!! It’s illegal!

18. England, UK

The third English law to make it onto the World’s Top 30 Strangest Laws list is one of the oldest laws prohibiting individuals from hailing a taxi with the plague.

19. Florida, USA

Florida’s second mention on the Top 30 Strangest laws includes the states regulations that unmarried women who parachute on Sundays may be subject to arrest.

20. San Salvador, Republic of El Salvador

If you find yourself in the Central American country of El Salvador, make sure you don’t drink drive! Anyone caught over the limit is subject to the death penalty.

21. Ohio, USA

America’s state of Ohio has deemed it against the law to get a fish drunk!

22. Kentucky, USA

While America’s southern state of Kentucky grants citizens the right to carry a weapon, regulations also state that the weapon must be no longer than 6 feet!!

23. Arizona, USA

In Arizona, individuals cannot hunt a camel!

24. Egypt

Egypt found male belly-dancing caused an increase in riots and as such, has banned the activity for men!

Cert IV TESOL Locations and the Wackiest Laws of the World: Iraq

Thinking of heading to the Middle East? Guess what country you won’t find karate in!?

25. Denmark

Denmark’s laws stipulate citizens must check if there are any children sleeping under a car before starting the engine.

26. Baltimore, USA

If you’re thinking of going to the cinemas in Baltimore, ensure you don’t bring a lion as your guest! Taking a big cat to the cinema is illegal!

27. Canada

Getting air-time on the radio might be a bit tricky for non-Canadians. The country’s laws require every one in five songs played on the radio must be sung by a Canadian.

28. Iraq

In Iraq, you won’t find a film with karate moves – it’s illegal!

29. Romania

The children’s Disney cartoon Mickey Mouse was originally banned in Romania – it was through to terrorize the kids!

30. Louisiana, USA

The final law on our Top 30 Weirdest and Wackiest Laws list comes from Louisiana. This state takes a different view on teeth! Laws outline if a person bites someone with natural teeth they will be charged with simple assault, however, if it is with dentures, they will face charges of aggravated assault.

What do you think about these weird and wacky laws?!

Have you heard anything outrageous that we’ve missed? Share your stories with us in a comment below!

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