Working in the Bookkeeping Industry – an Employer’s Perspective

Working in the Bookkeeping Industry – an Employer’s Perspective

What’s it Like Working in the Bookkeeping Industry?

Today Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry.

When I started Books Onsite over 7 years ago there were no real regulations in place governing who could work as a bookkeeper. It was a real “cottage industry” and I was astounded by how little knowledge some bookkeepers had given the importance of their role in managing their client’s finances.

We would have candidates who may have been looking after a family members business on MYOB or QuickBooks for a few years claiming to be at an advanced level and upon further enquiry had not even been performing bank reconciliations. When you put your car in for a service you would expect that the person working on your car would have achieved at least some basic level of trade qualification before being “let loose” on your car. So why were there thousands of unqualified bookkeepers out there preparing financial information for their clients, which the clients then rely on not only to tell them who they owe and who owes them money but also how their business is performing. We’ve seen businesses fold and Directors face prosecution due to inaccurate information- it’s just too important!

What this meant for employers like ourselves was that we placed the utmost importance on what qualifications a bookkeeper had achieved. That’s why it was a great step for the industry when the Tax Practitioners Board introduced BAS Agents Registration in 2009. The requirement of a minimum of a Certificate IV in Financial Services to become a BAS Agent combined with the level of relevant experience means that anyone who achieves their BAS Certification knows their stuff!

Most Registered Training Organisations will also base the practical side of their curriculum on a commonly used Accounting Software such as MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero, so you not only come out with a strong Accounting Theory but also a more advanced working knowledge of one of the major accounting packages used in the industry.

If you’re an unregistered Bookkeeper, I’d highly recommend contacting Inspire Education about getting your Cert IV and please feel free to get in touch regarding work opportunities upon completion.

Inspire Media: Thanks Tim!

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