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Work Life Balance: The Top Tips You Must Know!

Finding work life balance is key if you want to have a well-rounded lifestyle. Immersing yourself in too much work, or too much leisure can be troublesome in their own way.

If you’re someone who’s working from 9 to 5, and has other personal commitments after work (a hobby, a business, study opportunities or simply looking after kids), finding work life balance is a must for you.

But is it truly possible? Can one really go all-in on work, and still have enough time and energy for personal commitments?

How can you do it? Here are the top tips you must know for you to attain a proper work life balance!


Master the Art of Time Management


Achieving work life balance isn’t so much about working even harder (it helps, but it can get stressful). Try working smarter — and with working smarter comes managing your time wisely.

Time is of the essence, and for a person who has commitments from day till night, this can’t be any truer.

Plot a schedule and carefully assess how much time you would normally allot for certain activities during your day.

This way, you have a concrete idea of how your day should go, and can immediately adjust when needed.

You can also do more — which is the end goal. Proper time management allows you to squeeze in everything you need to do during your day.

Have everything in place and scheduled appropriately so that every important appointment or event has its own time slot and you won’t be lost as to when do you need to do this, or when do you need to attend that.


Studying? Take a Course Aligned to your Lifestyle

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If you’re planning to study for a course, it’s best to take a course or area of study that can complement your current lifestyle.

Highly consider a course that you can commit to, and can fit seamlessly into your schedule without draining too much time and energy from you.

It’s never too late to learn — that is why you should assess what is genuinely possible to study now, versus something that might be more suited to when your plate is much more empty.


Chanel Productivity, Avoid Procrastination

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Inviting productivity and moving away from procrastination is all about having tasks in a hierarchy of importance.

Know which tasks, appointments, or events can wait and which simply cannot.

You will have some wherein it’s totally fine to skip or miss. At the same time, there are just things that you have to attend to no matter what.

Procrastination can hurt your goal of achieving work life balance — imagine having to rush things at the last minute just to meet a deadline. This can potentially affect the rest of your planned schedule and ruin your time frames.

Disruptions caused by procrastination can diminish your time for other things you plan to do, hence its negative effect on your work life balance.

Productivity, on the other hand, allows you to finish as fast as possible. Embracing productivity enables you to work efficiently as possible while meeting your desired schedules.

Getting work done sooner gives you more time to attend to other commitments, leisure time, etc. ­— the very essence of work life balance.


Set Clear and Concrete Goals

letters spelling out goals

A good way to stay balanced and in-check is by having a concise set of goals.

This could be anything from how many hours are you willing to spend for leisure and personal commitments, to how long would it be for you to complete a course or area of study.

If you’re juggling work and study, setting goals can greatly help you in terms of task efficiency.

Having a clear goal in mind, whether for work or study, gives you a sense of purpose — which can spell the difference between having enough to complete your work/study, or not.

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