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Work Health and Safety Courses — Your Guide for WHS training

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Work Health and Safety Courses — Your Guide for WHS training

A lot of employers in Australia today are on the hunt for work health and safety workers, all to aid in being compliant in terms of the WHS standard.

Having a safe environment to work in is something employees greatly consider — and employers are aware of this fact.

If you are interested in ensuring and contributing to Work Health and Safety, then take advantage of today’s demand for WHS workers in Australia.

Don’t know where to start? Or do you already have ideas but still need more information? Let this blog guide you to know more about the proper training courses that you should take to jumpstart your career in the Work Health and Safety industry.

I. WHS Courses for You

Here are two courses to get you in the Work Health and Safety industry:

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety – is Australia’s current industry standard in becoming a qualified safety professional. The Cert IV WHS is a course designed for anyone who is interested to engage in careers such as

  • ▪ WHS/Safety Officer
  • ▪ WHS Coordinator
  • ▪ Workplace Safety Contact
  • ▪ Rehabilitation Coordinator
  • ▪ Workcover Assessor
  • ▪ HR Professional

Diploma of Work Health and Safety – is a nationally recognised and accredited WHS qualification, ideal for individuals who aspire to take on more senior health and safety roles. It is a qualification ideal for anyone looking to engage in careers such as:

  • ▪ Work Safety Supervisor
  • ▪ Workplace Health and Safety Manager
  • ▪ Safety Practitioner
  • ▪ WHS Advisor
  • ▪ WHS Co-ordinators

If you have more questions regarding Work Health and Safety courses, feel free to click here and enquire now to get the latest details on WHS courses.


II. What Will You Learn in a Work Health and Safety Course

A course in Work Health and Safety will help you learn how to be competent in various fields of WHS, whether you will be directly involved in workplace safety, contributing to OH&S systems in the workplace as a supervisor, or providing support to your company’s WHS systems in general.

You will develop all key areas of Safety including effective health and safety management in the workplace and enable you to participate in an organisation’s OH&S/WHS Management Systems.

You will learn how to comply with the latest Work Health & Safety legislation, and contribute to WHS consultation processes.  Additionally, you will learn to identify hazards, assess and control risks, and assist in the response to accidents.

Taking a WHS course will also teach you how to contribute to workplace health and safety, including aiding in the implementation of OH&S/WHS strategies to control risks and emergency procedures.


III. Summary

There are two kinds of courses that you may take to get in line and be qualified to work in the Work Health and Safety industry.

1. Certificate IV in WHS

2. Diploma of WHS

You will basically learn the basics of Work Health and Safety and all the necessary skills required to become competent in the field in taking any of the course.

The only difference is that the Diploma of WHS is ideal for individuals who seek to engage in more senior roles in the Work Health and Safety industry.

If you have more questions regarding Work Health and Safety, simply click here to enquire now and get the latest and detailed information on your course.


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