Why you should do your child care training online

Why you should do your child care training online

If you’re working in child care in Australia, there is one course you MUST do! The Certificate 3 in Children’s Services is THE minimum standard for child care workers from the start of 2014.

A lot of you will probably go on to do a Diploma of Children’s Services as well. It’s the logical next step in early childhood education and opens up a lot more opportunities for you. Fortunately you have a range of training options – TAFE, private training organisation, online, correspondence or face-to-face. So why should you choose to do your child care courses online?

Online training has quickly become a respected and popular option for education & training in many fields. It has several distinct advantages for students; most importantly it is very efficient. What does efficiency mean for you? It saves you a lot of things – time, money, energy – that you can better use elsewhere.

6 Reasons to do Your Child Care Training Online

Online child care courses save you money!

• Online child care courses are normally cheaper for you than classroom based training. Why? There is no need to buy, build or rent a classroom which might sit idle 12 hours or more a day!

• Trainers can provide a higher level of support to more students; you contact them when you need help, no sitting through hours of lectures each week – in fact, some students have reported they actually get more 1-on-1 time with an online trainer!

• How much do you spend each week on transport? A drive to and from a TAFE or University every day, even catching the bus or train, adds up to a lot of money each week. Learning from home can put money back in your pocket.

Training online can save you time!

• How much time do you waste getting to and from work, TAFE or Uni each week? Commuting not only costs you money, but a lot of time as well. If you don’t have to leave home for study, you can suddenly free up hours each week – time better spent studying, sleeping, with family and friends or just relaxing.

Online training can save you effort!

• Always rushing to meet your appointments or get to classes on time? Online course materials are available online all-day, every-day. Study when it suits YOU. No clamouring to meet someone else’s schedule.

Taking courses online gives you flexibility

• Living in an area with limited training options? Even if you aren’t, there is a much wider range of courses available online. No longer are you limited by geography, you’re free to pursue what you want to do!

• Travelling or constantly on the go? Your course materials are always at your fingertips and you can access them just about anywhere with an internet connection. Log in during your lunch break and knock out a unit!

An online education can help save the environment!

• How many resources are wasted in classroom based training? Your house sits empty half the day; their classrooms sit empty most of the night; you, the trainer and the other students probably burn fossil fuels getting to and from the education institute.

Online child care training – it’s time has come

With the advent of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Australia, the infrastructure needed to support the best online training technologies has finally arrived. Online training is not about downloading documents to work on, now you can take advantage of video and audio streaming services and the wealth of rich media available online!

There has never been a better time to start your online child care course. So get started today!

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