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Why teachers should get the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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Why teachers should get the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Course hot link: Fast-Track Certificate IV in Training and Assessment for Teachers

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a great professional develop activity for qualified Australian teachers. It’s a relatively short and inexpensive course that builds on your teaching qualifications and experience, yet it opens up a whole range of new professional opportunities to teach in Australia’s vocational training industry.

Why is the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so important?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is considered essential because it is the minimum qualification to become a trainer and/or assessor in Australia’s vocational training industry. Once you’re qualified in the Cert IV in Training and Assessment, you can then teach the Cert IV in Training and Assessment (though you still need a registered training organisation to issue recognised statements of attainment).

It also enables you to teach other vocational qualifications you might have earned in a previous career or through professional development activities. For example, if you’ve also got your Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, you can train others in that qualification once you’ve completed your Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

What kind of opportunities does the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment open up for teachers?

There are around 5000 active registered training organisations in Australia. These can include Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, private training companies like Inspire Education, “mum-and-dad” small training businesses and many non-profit organisations also include a training section as well.

This qualification is recognised by industry and can also be the foundation for a new career as an in-house company or enterprise trainer.

Who would you be training?

Vocational training is a form of tertiary education and students can range in age from teenagers to senior citizens. School based apprenticeships have created chances for teenagers to start their vocational training journey before they even finish school. We find that many of our students are mature adults looking for extra training to find a job, move into a new career path or enhance their existing career.

The Cert IV in Training and Assessment is a great way for teachers to develop professionally

Did you have a career before teaching?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can be particularly good for people who pursued another career before they took up teaching. There are vocational courses available for just about every industry these days – hospitality, health, beauty, fitness, business, tourism, information technology, funeral services, nursing, accountancy, law, pharmacy and medicine, among others.

If you’ve got extensive work experience in a particular industry and already have a range of vocational qualifications (or can easily achieve them through the RPL process), you can quickly unlock a valuable niche as a vocational trainer specialising in that industry.

How do you get the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Fast-Tracked as a teacher?

As a qualified teacher, you’re eligible for RPL for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Most teachers can immediately get 3 full units of credit based on their existing teaching qualifications, and may be eligible for more depending on their experience and other training. Check out our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Fast-Track for Teachers page for full details!


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  • Glen'L Sheridan says:

    I was always told through Queensland Education that to actually TEACH (not facilitate) you HAD to have a Cert IV in Training & Assessment or be in the process of acquiring one… They would not employ you otherwise!!!… That’s why I’m completing my course now…

  • Holly says:

    Hi I’m looking into doing the training and assessment course I have my diploma in childcare. My question is how hard is it to just do training and assessment going out to assess the students within the centre as I would proffer this and not doing face to face training?

    • William Cowie William Cowie says:

      Hi Holly,

      To get a position like that you’ll need to find a training organisation which sends out trainers to conduct the workplace-based assessments AND trains enough students to require a dedicated person in that role. It’s certainly possible but I couldn’t say how difficult it would be. I’d suggest doing some research of job advertisements to see what’s out there. You can also approach employers directly to see if they’d be interested.

      I suspect limiting your search to such a narrowly defined role will restrict your job opportunities significantly and you might have trouble finding work. You will probably have an easier time finding employment if you look for roles with more general childcare training responsibilities (particularly when you’re first starting out as a trainer). It might not be exactly what you want, but it would mean you were working and gaining experience which will put you in a much stronger position when your dream role appears. Once you’ve built a relationship with your employer, they could well be willing to move you into the role you want anyway.

      If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us on 1800 506 509 or email

      Thanks Holly

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