Why Study the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

Like many Australians across the country, you may be currently studying the Cert IV Training and Assessment or another vocational education and training course.

Being one of the most popular vocational education courses, many students ask the question of where the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can take them and what the available career pathways are. Well, for those of your out there seeking answers… read on!

Cert IV TAE Career Options and Job Opportunities

Cert IV TAE training programs - the key for broader career options in the training sector

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is designed to help training professionals develop and enhance their skills and ability in vocational education. This is to confidently and accurately train individuals in a variety of organisational settings, including public and private sectors. The TAE training program is now essential in Government, Business, and Industry to ensure staff is actively engaged in workplace training.

Now what sort of industries call for a trainer you may ask? Well, practically any and all industries need competent trainers to future proof their existent. In addition, with Australia’s changing laws, increase in duties, and need to maintain safe working environments, compliance with these regulations is seen as huge growth in the opportunities available for trainers trained in the Cert IV Training and Assessment vocational qualification.

So, for these reasons many people choose to enter the training sector. Some will act as a trainer in a field they have experience in while others will start their own company and a further group may enter a completely new environment with their Training and Assessment certificate. For your convenience, I have decided to compile a list of benefits available from studying the Cert IV Training and Assessment.

Benefits Of The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Great Career Progression

demonstrate vocational competency and expect to achieve great career progression

Studying the Cert IV Training and Assessment will open your career prospects and may allow you greater challenges or an increase in salary as you will be gaining broad industry knowledge and vocational competency once you complete your Training and Assessment course.

Employers sometimes require staff to have completed a training and assessment qualification to be versatile in the company or to act as a trainer for new staff (usually incorporating human resources or occupational health and safety training).

The Cert IV TAE allows you to enter the training industry as a:

• Skilled trainer

• Facilitator

• Assessor

Within any workplace and in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) environment! Graduates of the TAE may choose to work in the teaching facilities at an Australian TAFE or as a trainer in a private vocational college.  There are also opportunities to work in:

• Publicly funded colleges

• Privately funded colleges

• Government departments

• Corporate entities

• Private organisations

Become a Vocational Trainer and Facilitate Learning

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment students

Workers with prior experience in an occupational field may be looking to get out of the practical aspect of the job and into theory. This is where the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment comes in handy! With the TAE qualification, you are certified to teach up to and including any qualification you hold.

For example, if you hold a Certificate IV in Hairdressing and you complete the Cert IV TAE, you are then qualified to train any certificate equal to and below the Cert IV Hairdressing (including the Cert II and Cert III in Hairdressing). However, if you can show previous training experience you may be eligible to RPL the TAE.

Gain Employment with a Training Body

Another benefit of completing your Cert IV TAE40116 is that you will be eligible to train at a public training centre like TAFE or a private training centre like a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or Vocational College). This coincides with the above benefit of moving your knowledge from on-the-job practice to skills-based training.

Market Demand for Individuals with Vocational Training

Market demand is high for individuals who underwent a VET learning program

There is always market demand for individuals qualified in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

As our economy becomes highly educated there is more demand than ever before placed on the need for competent trainers.

Many people also undertake the TAE training to be at the forefront of the job market as they hold dual qualifications. A great example of an in-demand job candidate is someone who holds the TAE qualification as well as an OHS qualification.

This shows they have adequately been trained in a safety qualification and also have the knowledge to teach that qualification as well!

Another great dual certification is TAE and Human Resources as HR professionals have a role requirement of employee training and safety procedures.

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Where to get the TAE40116?

woman wondering where to get a nationally accredited formal qualification in training and assessment

If studying the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is something that interests you, why not find out more?!

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