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What Makes a Good Childcare Educator?

There’s no doubt about it that early childhood education plays an integral part in children’s development and growth – which is why we want the best for our little ones when it comes to this aspect of their early years.

This also highlights the importance of a good childcare educator, as they’re the ones responsible for making sure that the children’s learning experience is conducive for development.

Heaps of people find that being a teacher in childcare is their calling. But what makes them a good one?

Read on and learn more about the traits and qualities that make up a good childcare educator!


I. A Deep Sense of Passion for Early Childhood Education

passionate childcare educator with her students

Education is not a field that anyone can get into and be both successful and fulfilled in their career.

Educators must have that deep sense of passion for teaching young children, as this will serve as their “spark” to go on and educate at the highest level, while achieving the sense of fulfillment everyone aspires to achieve within their careers.

Without the passion for teaching, you risk the possibility of providing subpar quality of education – which is scary to even think about since early childhood education is such an important stage for a child’s development.


II. Patience and Humour

students laughing with their funny childcare teacher

Working with children for an entire day takes a huge amount of patience. With short attention spans and little to no self-control, children can be quite a handful. But a great educator finds comfort in chaos, and can perform and appreciate all the learning that happens in those chaotic classroom moments.

Having a good sense of humor can also light things up despite the loud, messy, and random atmosphere most classrooms would have.

Children are easy customers to please, just have enough in your bag of tricks – tell them funny jokes or provide fun visual aids. Keep things fun and easy-going, so they’ll always be in the mood for learning.


III. Great Communication Skills

children gathered around childcare educator

Good childcare educators must be able to communicate with young learners on their level. This means being able to break down subjects into easily digestible information that’s easy to understand. This way, children get to learn at a more efficient rate and lessens the risk of them not getting the lessons on their own.

Childcare educators should also be able to communicate classroom progress to parents, so they’ll be aware of their child’s performance and achievements. This type of communication between teacher and parent is necessary, as this helps parents identify teachable moments in everyday situations and boost their child’s learning experience.


IV. Understand Student Diversity

group of children running to get to class

Children come from different homes and have different backgrounds – which more often than not leads to differences in learning styles.

Good educators must be able to accept these differences and be willing to work with varied learning styles without compromising the level of education they deliver.


V. Creative and Flexible

childcare educator speaking to his student

Planning lessons that will engage students and educate them at the same time requires creativity, while adapting lessons to individual learning styles require flexibility.

Regardless of how organised an educator can be, one must still be flexible enough to handle unexpected situations that may alter the course of the day. And then, have the creativity to go with the current situation and change plans quickly, all while ensuring the children’s learning experience isn’t compromised.

As a childcare educator, you’re going to have to deal with children and all their randomness, which is why being creative and flexible can really help your cause.


VI. Be a Qualified Childcare Educator

proud child care teacher in a daycare center

Lastly, none of the qualities mentioned above would matter if you’re not equipped with the proper qualification to actually be an educator in childcare.

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education can help you formally teach in an early childhood facility and help train and develop young minds to reach their full potential.

This qualification is designed to help you learn all the know-how of early childhood education, and develop the basic skills necessary for a good childcare educator.

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