What Do Aged Care Workers Do and How Do I Become One?

What Do Aged Care Workers Do and How Do I Become One?

Aged Care Worker Job Description

aged care nurse providing emotional support to elderly

Aged Care is one of the fastest-growing careers in Australia, as the ageing population of the nation is ever-growing. The government estimates that there will be more than 276,100 aged care workers by 2025!

Aged care workers have a variety of responsibilities depending on where they are employed. Carers can work in an aged care facility, a community centre or even in their client’s own home.

Some aged care jobs are unique to a specific workplace, but there are also heaps of common duties.

Most support or personal care workers in the health sector learn the skills required to work in the aged care sector through experience and training — as providing aged care services to elderly people is no light work.

This is why before you even get into the industry, it is required to have an Aged Care qualification.

Aged Care courses like the Certificate III in Aged Care and the Certificate III in Disability are very popular with people looking for their first job in the aged care industry.

Many experienced ageing support carers also use these qualifications to formalise their skills so they can show a nationally recognised and accredited qualification to potential employers such as aged care facilities, community care facilities, a registered training organisation, a residential care facility, and etc.

In fact, more than half of aged and disabled carers have a Certificate III, IV or Diploma qualification.

Most Aged Carers hold a Certicicate III in Disability to Advanced Diploma Qualification

So what exactly do aged care workers do?

Roles and Duties of Support Workers

aged care worker providing individual support and personal care to elderly woman

Aged care workers support people who need assistance in their daily activities. One of their most important roles is to provide companionship and individual support, attend to the elderly’s physical demands, and provide emotional support.

This can be in the form of accompanying elderly or disabled clients to social events or even running errands for them.

Common aged care worker duties, skills, and tasks for the elderly include:

  • Advising families on nutrition, habits and bedside care
  • Monitoring medication and vital signs with registered nurses and physicians
  • Transporting the elderly and disabled
  • Helping clients communicate
  • Food preparation
  • Making sure that clients’ personal hygiene is taken care of
  • Organizing social activities
  • Maintaining records and paperwork

Aged Care workers who are based in their client’s home also do the following:

  • Running errands like buying groceries and supplies
  • Housekeeping like general cleaning and washing clothes
  • Assisting with the client’s mobility
  • Preparing meals

Salaries and Pay for Aged Care Workers

The Government’s Job Outlook website indicates full time aged care and disabled workers earn a median weekly wage of $1,265. A typical work week for full time aged carers are about 43 hours.

You get to earn while being part of such a genuine and fulfilling career.

Jobs for Aged Care Workers

ageing support worker keen to provide person centred support

There are heaps of job opportunities for individuals who wish to become an aged care worker in Australia because of the size of the industry. Click on your city, state or territory below to search for local employment opportunities:

Resume and Interview Tips

tips and tricks on how to become an aged care worker

Do you have an upcoming job interview for an aged care position? Make sure you come prepared by knowing what questions to expect. Read “Interview Questions and Tips for Aged Care Jobs” to learn how you can impress your interviewer.

Or are you still looking for your first work experience? From volunteering in a local group to taking advantage of social media, there’s a lot of things you can do. Check out the guide on how to improve your resume and find the best employer for you in “Getting an Aged Care Work Placement”.

Career Summary

personal carer providing aged care services to elderly that require assistance

Aged care workers have one of the fastest-growing and most rewarding careers in the country. Through their daily responsibilities, they are able to help some of the most vulnerable people in Australia and have the opportunity to form rewarding personal relationships which can be hard to do in other jobs.

If you are looking for a satisfying job and can imagine yourself doing the tasks required, then aged or disabled care could be the career for you.

Become an aged care worker by getting qualified and taking aged care courses.

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