What Are You Afraid Of? The A-Z of Weird Fears and Phobias

What Are You Afraid Of? The A-Z of Weird Fears and Phobias

We all have things that make us a little uncomfortable or even freak us out completely. I know I can’t stand heights! Many people are scared of spiders, creepy crawlies and flying is another common fear.

A phobia is described as a strong fear of something, usually out of proportion to reality, and did you know there are around 530 official phobias! Some of them are quite strange, so check out our A to Z of the weirdest phobias around.

These Are Strange and Interesting Phobias!


Fear of flutes and other woodwind instruments.


There are two different types of Barophobia;

1. Fear of being crushed by gravity,
2. Fear of floating away if gravity disappears.


Fear of chopsticks.


Fear of objects at the right side of the body.
This is the opposite of Levophobia, which is a fear of objects being on the left side of the body.


Fear of knowledge.
People with Epistemophobia will often stay away from books and perhaps even TV in fear of learning something.


Fear of cold or cold things.
Sufferers of Frigophobia will always wear winter clothing and try to keep warm all year round.


Fear of knees or kneeling.
This can be a fear of your own knees or seeing the knees of others.


Fear of long words.


Fear of new ideas.


Fear of sitting down.


Fear of vegetables.
It is suggested this fear can develop when children start behaving irrationally to avoid their vegetables at a young age.


Fear of waiting for a long time.


Fear of clouds.
Also closely related to Homichlophobia, a fear of fog and humidity.


Fear of belly buttons.
Sufferers are afraid of having their own belly button touched, or even afraid of just seeing someone else’s belly button.


Fear of developing a phobia or showing symptoms of a phobia.


Fear of getting wrinkles, especially on the face or around the eyes.


Fear of learning something new.


Fear of the number 13, commonly associated with superstition and bad luck.


Fear of urine or urinating.


Fear of seeing words.
Sufferers get uncomfortable just by reading a newspaper or sign.


Fear of witches and witchcraft.


Fear of the colour yellow or the word yellow.
This includes being afraid of things such as the sun, yellow paint or even the Yellow Pages.


Fear of all types of non-human animals.


Here’s hoping you don’t have Sophophobia and learn something new! Have you heard of any other strange phobias? We’d love to hear from you!


Source: http://phobialist.com/

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