Vocational Education Graduate Career Prospects

Vocational Education Graduate Career Prospects

More than half of all Australians, at some stage in their life, will gain a vocational education and training qualification. While some people study for personal interest, the majority of those enrolled in a vocational training course are doing so to enter or progress in their careers. While we know education is important, many students find themselves entertaining the thought of “what-if?”

• What if the qualification is not enough?
• What if I don’t get the job I am studying for?
• What if all the study has been a waste of time?

Well…good news! More than 93% of all vocational education and training graduates are in employment or further study within 6 months of completing their vocational course. The following statistics have been sourced directly from the Australian Government’s My Skills website, available at www.myskills.gov.au. The outcomes are based on graduates who have, within the previous six months, completed an education-based course including:

• Certificate III-IV in Teacher Assistant
• Certificate III-IV in Education Support
• Certificate III-IV in Education
• Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
• Certificate IV in Supporting Students with Additional Needs

Six Month Outcomes for Vocational Graduates

While the study focuses on the satisfaction of training graduates and their employment statuses both prior to and after the vocational education and training course, the main focus centres around their future employment as well as potential prospects through additional training.

1. Graduates Employed After Training

The average salary of full-time employees was AUD$70,100, and over one-third of all training students became employed within the same occupational group as their training course.
• Employed 89.6%
• Full-time 55.9%
• Part-time 33.3%

Top 3 Occupations

1. Professionals 49.1%
2. Community and Personal Service Workers 17.9%
3. Managers 9.9%

Top 3 Industries

1. Education and Training 40.4%
2. Health Care and Social Assistance 15.5%
3. Public Administration and Safety 9.1%

2. Further Study Outcomes

While more than half of all vocational training course graduates find full-time employment, and over one-third source part-time employment, it is also important to focus on the students who return to study after completing their initial training course. On average, around 27% of students take further study. TAFE was the most popular option at 12%, followed by “other training provider”, like a private registered training organisation, at around 9%. Just under 6% of vocational training graduates pursued further education at a university level qualification.

Further breaking this information down into types of qualification, the two categories of Diplomas (Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas) and Certificates (Certificate III and Certificate IV) took out the top spots, respectively entertaining 8.4% of all students.

In third place, university gained 5% of the VET graduate students showing that vocational education and training qualifications are a GREAT pathway to tertiary education! Finally just over 4% of students occupied the “other” category and less than 1% chose to complete a Certificate I-II (which is likely attributed to the idea that these are VET graduates who may have started on an entry level certificate such as these to work their way up).

3. Training Satisfaction

Regarding training satisfaction, around 87% of students were satisfied with the training received. While reaching almost 90% is a great start, many training providers are aiming to get this figure even higher by improving their resources, facilities and techniques.

Another awesome thing to come out of this study is that more than 70% of students cited they received job-related benefits and just under 94% received personal benefits from undertaking their chosen vocational course. Finally, graduates stated that 85% did achieve the reason they undertook the course (presumably to get into their chosen career) and more than 91% would recommend their training to others (a win for the vocational training sector!).

4. Employment Status Prior to Training

Employed After Training
Employed: 94.6%
• Unemployed: 53.9%

Average Salary (of those employed full-time)
Employed: $70,500
• Unemployed: $54,500

Enrolled in Further Study
Employed: 26.9%
• Unemployed: 26.5%

Satisfied with the Training
Employed: 86.5%
• Unemployed: 91.8%

Achieved Main Reason for Undertaking Training
Employed: 87.1%
• Unemployed: 76.2%

What are your thoughts on the study? While 93% of vocational course graduates are reported to end up in employment or further education, do you think this is an accurate representation of the majority of Australian students?

Have you completed a vocational qualification? Did it help you in the job market and improve your future job prospects? Of you have any input, please leave a comment below!

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