Vocational Education Australia

Vocational Education Australia

Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance in Australia

10 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

Find out what scholarships, grants, and study assistance you can get in Australia

National Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance Australians are fortunate to enjoy a high level of scholarships, awards, grants and other support to achieve our educational goals. Knowing where and when you can apply for and claim these benefits isn’t always so easy. To help you find your scholarship, grant, award or other benefits, we’ve compiled Read the full post

Vocational Training Outcomes for Disabled Graduates

0 Comments   Posted: 17/09/13   by Inspire Media

Vocational Training Outcomes for Disabled Graduates

A disability is defined as “a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses or activities”. A disability in humans may be physical, cognitive/mental, sensitive, emotional, developmental or some combination of these. Some people are born with disabilities, some develop them, and others are the result of accidents or misfortune. Whatever the cause, people with a disability Read the full post

Google Trends: Free yet powerful tool for trainers and students

0 Comments   Posted: 29/08/13   by Inspire Media

Google Trends is a powerful free tool that has a number of applications in the training industry. There are some great ways to use Google Trends for your job search, career planning, teaching & training activities, and for simple fun or curiosity. So How Can You Use Google Trends to Your Advantage? Career & Job Search If Read the full post

What does it take to be a vocational trainer?

0 Comments   Posted: 07/08/13   by Inspire Media

What does it take to be a vocational trainer?

With the rapid growth of many Australian industries (especially education and training), finding qualified trainers to train staff has become an issue. Trainers are needed everywhere, and if you’re planning to fill this demand, you might be the asking the question: “what does it take to be a vocational trainer?” Being a trainer means you Read the full post

Kim Kardashian: More popular than education?

0 Comments   Posted: 25/07/13   by Inspire Media

Let’s ask Google Trends If you haven’t heard of Google Trends, it’s time you did. Google Trends is an incredible free tool available to everyone. It documents the relatively frequency of specific search terms used on Google, over time – basically, what people are searching for on Google. Since Google has around 65% of the Read the full post

Vocational Training vs University Education

0 Comments   Posted: 22/07/13   by William Cowie

Which is right for you, Vocational Training or University?

Australians are fortunate to have access to a range of further education options after they graduate from secondary school. Our country is known internationally for its world class universities and vocational education system. Two of the most popular options are Vocational Education and Training (aka VET) and University. Each system has its own focus, style Read the full post

Unique Student Identifiers (USI) for Vocational Education and Training

0 Comments   Posted: 16/07/13   by Inspire Media

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) initiative is a major development for students in vocational education and training.  The new USI will enable students to get a comprehensive and authoritative transcript of their vocational education achievements, online. What is a USI? A Unique Student Identifier is a randomly generated code that will be allocated to and Read the full post

VET Courses in Schools

0 Comments   Posted: 24/05/13   by Inspire Media

VET Courses in Schools

By William Cowie VET in schools is a great education initiative in Australia. VET (in case you were wondering) stands for Vocational Education and Training. It’s NOT a veterinarian coming into your school, and you won’t get to help with sick animals (well, unless you take the Certificate II/III in Animal Studies or Certificate IV Read the full post

Using vocational education to boost your professional development

2 Comments   Posted: 15/05/13   by Inspire Media

Using vocational education to boost your professional development

By William Cowie What is professional development? Professional development is a way to improve your skills & employability, attain that promotion you’re seeking, stay current in best practices in your industry and for your personal satisfaction. It encompasses a broad range of facilitated learning activities such as conferences, formal courses, university degrees and even informal Read the full post

What is Vocational Education and Training?!

0 Comments   Posted: 07/05/13   by Inspire Media

What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

By William Cowie You’ve probably heard of Vocational Education and Training (aka VET), what is it exactly? Why should you care about it? Read on! What is Vocational Education and Training? Vocational education and training is a way to describe a practical style of technical, or job related, training. You can study at a vocational Read the full post

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