Train Your Brain: Which Direction is the Gear Turning?

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Train Your Brain: Which Direction is the Gear Turning?

Training Puzzle of the Week

Do you know what really grinds my gears? Confusing gears.

There are several kinds of intelligence that you can measure. We’re all familiar with mathematical, oral, abstract and other kinds of knowledge so here’s one not all of us use as much as we could: mechanical or spatial intelligence.

Can you solve this week’s brain training puzzle?

Take a look at the puzzle below, exercise your mind and see if you can figure out how all these gears work:

There are five gears connected in a row. The first one is connected to the second one, the second one is connected to the third one, and so on.
If the first gear is rotating clockwise, what direction is the fifth gear turning?

If you think you’ve figured it out, scroll down below to check your answer.

Training Puzzle of the Day: Gears Turning


Training Puzzle Answer and Explanation


Got an answer in mind already?



The fifth and last gear is turning clockwise.


Gears typically turn in the opposite direction the gear before them is rotating. The problem becomes simple to solve once you apply this to the 5 gears

  1. First gear is turning clockwise
  2. Second gear is turning counter-clockwise
  3. Third gear is turning clockwise
  4. Fourth gear is turning counter-clockwise
  5. Fifth gear is turning clockwise


Did you arrive at the same direction?



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