Top Rated Jobs in Australia

Top Rated Jobs in Australia

A college degree is not always an assurance of finding a job that pays well. The skills in demand now may not be valuable or useful in just a few years time. In choosing a course, there are many factors that should be taken into account. Failing to get a job after graduation could be devastating. This can be avoided if you take the time to research if the course in question will teach you skills likely to be required by companies and institutions in the future.

People often choose a course based on their interests and what they consider to be their strengths. However, in the real world, one needs to put food on the table too. If you cannot make money out of these interests, then you may not be able to provide for your family. It is important to choose to do something that you love but it is also equally important to consider the unspoken implications of these choices. Remember that a passion for something could be applied in many ways, some of which could be more profitable in the end. Choosing wisely now will prevent future regrets.


Planning for the future is a major concern of young students today. That is why many people pursue higher education and training after highschool, to ensure that they will be able to provide for themselves and the needs of their families. A stable and relatively high salary makes a real difference to the quality of life that student and their family will enjoy over their lifetime. While minimum wage may be enough to provide for your family’s basic needs, a higher salary will provide greater security and allow your family more freedom to travel, take holidays, enjoy luxuries, and provide your children greater opportunities for learning and education.

Choosing a course now will likely determine the type of job that you have in the future. Parents and teachers are often the people you rely on to help guide your decisions about what to study and where to study it. However, their guidance may be based on their personal perceptions of what makes a “good” job and what they think will be in demand in the future. This may not be based on actual evidence and job market trends. In order to help you make an informed judgement before starting your education, we have arranged a range of jobs into essential categories that people commonly use to decide their career path.

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Top 10 Jobs by Popularity (Forbes 2014 Report)
Top 10 Jobs by Fun Companies (Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For)
Top 10 Jobs by Highest Income (ATO Report)
Top 10 Underrated Jobs (’s 2013 Report)
Top 10 Overrated Jobs (’s 2013 Report)
Top 5 Overall Jobs


Top 10 Jobs By Popularity (Forbes 2014 Report)

Forbes has been touted as a reliable source of business news and financial information. This often features in demand jobs every year. In here is a list of its top jobs for 2014.

  • Developers had the most in demand job in 2013
  • Market Research Analysts And Marketing Specialists show great promise in immediate employment prospects
  • Training And Development Specialists are sought after by companies looking to fill in their emplyees
  • Financial Analysts receive good pay on top of being eligible for senior positions
  • Physical Therapists are in demand jobs that also offer flexibility
  • Web Developers are popular with companies seeking to build their own websites today
  • Logisticians work in a growing industry and can be tried out by people with varying education levels
  • Database Administrators handle data collected by businesses and can be a stepping stone to becoming an information systems manager
  • Meeting, Convention and Event Planners are among the most in demand jobs in the market
  •  Interpreters and Translators get into various industries dealing with foreign nationals

1. Software Developer

Software developers are now rated as the most in demand with 1,042,402 employed in 2013. With computers and applications now widely used in most industries, software developers have varied options on where to work.
Median Pay: US$45.06

2. Market Research Analysts And Marketing Specialists

Businesses can not afford to lose a sale that is why market research analysts and marketing specialists are seen as a significant addition. Number of jobs grew by 14% which shows promise in immediate employment.
Median Pay: US$29.10

3. Training And Development Specialists

Training and development specialist jobs offer the ability to advance your career as a training and development manager. Companies are filling skills gaps by hiring candidates with potential and training them in house. There has been 8% growth since 2010.
Median Pay: US$27.14

4. Financial Analysts

A financial analyst position pays well compared to other corporate jobs. Getting promoted as a senior financial analyst could let you earn almost US$150,000 in a year.
Median Pay: US$37.34

5.Physical Therapists

Getting a job as a physical therapist is easier than ever with current demand at a high. This job offers the flexibility to work on your own terms in a per diem basis.
Median Pay: US$37.93

6. Web Developers

Web developers are now enjoying having more clients as more people are now in need of websites. Company employed web developers are often rewarded with freebies and parties.
Median Pay: US$27.84

7. Logisticians

Work in logistics offers various benefits that include working in a growing industry, opportunities for career advancement, availability of opportunity for all education levels and international experience.
Median Pay: US$35.08

8. Database Administrators

A business tends to accumulate more data over time which makes database administrators in demand in the market. This job could jumpstart a career as a computer and information systems manager.
Median Pay: US$37.39

9. Meeting, Convention And Event Planners

The growth for meeting, convention and event planners in the last 3 years reached 14%, making it one of the most in demand jobs in the market. A total of 10,867 of jobs were created from 2010 to 2013.
Median Pay: US$22.56

10. Interpreters And Translators

Language barrier has made interpreters and translators needed in several industries. These jobs may allow you to interact with foreign nationals.
Median Pay: US$22.39

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Top 10 Jobs By Fun Companies (Fortune’s Best Companies To Work For)

Fortune releases updates on the best companies to work for on a yearly basis. These are its top bets in its latest update.

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1. Google

Google tops up Fortune’s most fun company to work as it offers a fun environment to work in and gives its employees unusual perks not found in other companies.
Number of Employees: 42,162
Growth: 20.01%

2. SAS

SAS boasts a low employee turnover rate of 2-3%, proof of their satisfaction to company management. Some of the benefits offered are free family access to amenities, on-site healthcare, discounted child care and free snacks and treats.
Number of Employees: 6,588
Growth: 3.6%

3. The Boston Consulting Group

Prestige is the number one reason why people are attracted to work for the Boston Consulting Group. Their management consulting services attract a client list that include the likes of Google, Pfizer, Ford Motor Company and IBM.
Number of Employees: 2,552
Growth: 10.7%

4. Edward Jones

Representatives at Edwards Jones enjoy having their own offices and are given the benefit of having their own sales assistants. Their work hours are flexible and are not subject to meet unattainable quotas.
Number of Employees: 38,015
Growth: 7.2%

5. Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is known to provide a relaxed atmosphere for its employees. Pay received by mortgage bankers in Southern Michigan is only averaging at US$50,000 a year while Quicken Loans pays at US$113,000 in salaries and commissions.
Number of Employees: 8,386
Growth: 46.2%

6. Genentech

Genentech employees have an array of health and financial benefits aside from receiving competitive compensation rates and bonus program perks. The majority of the benefits offered in this company is made effective upon hiring date.
Number of Employees: 11,998
Growth: 7.6%

7. has an employee satisfaction rating of 96% where these claimed that they love going to work. This is engaged in charity work where it uses 1% of its resources to “make the world a better place.”
Number of Employees: 6,739
Growth: 23.1%

8. Intuit

Intuit urges employees to devote 10% of their time working on projects they are really passionate about. Its popular products include QuickBooks, Quicken and Turbo Tax.
Number of Employees: 7,728
Growth: 4.4%

9. Robert W. Baird & Co.

Robert W. Baird & Co. is 80% owned by non-senior management and both hourly and full-time associates are entitled to profit sharing contributions, consisting of 10% of the company’s pre-tax net operating income.
Number of Employees: 2,704
Growth: 3.3%

10. DPR Construction

DPR Construction takes safety a serious business for its employees on the job site. Some of its notable clients include Pixar, Google, and Stanford University Hospital.
Number of Employees: 1,356
Growth: -1%.

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Top 10 Jobs By Highest Income (ATO’s Report)

Salary comparison could help you decide which career would best suit your desired lifestyle. ATO published these as the top 10 high paying jobs in Australia.

  • Surgeons had the highest average income among medical practitioners
  • A shortage of Anaesthetists is now in Australia
  • Financial dealers receive high monetary compensation to make up for tough working conditions
  • Internal Medicine Specialists are highly paid
  • Judicial and other legal professions receive higher income from big firms
  • Highly trained psychiatrists are currently in demand in Australia

1. Surgeons

Surgeons recorded the highest average income in ATO, higher than any other medical practitioners. Surgical procedures are performed by dentists, veterinarians, physicians or podiatrists.
Income: AU$350,383

2. Anaesthetists

There is now a shortage of anaesthetists in Australia and this makes it one of the best options for students. The pay for anaesthetists could be very high which makes further training in anaesthesiology worth the time.
Income: AU$302,653

3. Financial Dealers

Opportunities for financial dealers is expected to increase by 2017. Working conditions can be tough but the amount of monetary compensation received makes up for it.
Income: AU$269,622

4. Internal Medicine Specialists

Internal medicine specialistsinclude the likes of specialist physicians, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, paediatricians, neurologists and gastroenterologists. High pay makes this a very attractive option.
Income: AU$254,597

5. Judicial And Other Legal Professions

Law practice may allow you to earn higher income when you are occupying a major position and working for a big firm. Paralegal jobs may be open to people coming from varied educational backgrounds.
Income: AU$177,702

6. Psychiatrists

Australia is running low on psychiatrists and entering into this trade means that you don’t have to worry much about competition. The extensive training needed in order to become one is compensated by high salaries.
Income: AU$176,885

7. Chief Executives/ Managing Directors

Chief executives and managing directors are considered key roles in companies and are often filled by people who already work in and have developed extensive experience within an organisation.
Income: AU$164,931

8. Mining Engineers

The boom of mining industry coupled with the increase in demand for mining engineers are just two reasons why becoming one now is a smart move. High salaries are not enough to attract the needed supply by the industry.
Income: AU$157,428

9. Other Medical Practitioners

Healthcare services is now considered a basic need hence other medical practitioners that include dermatologists, emergency medicine specialists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, pathologistsand sports physicians are in demand.
Income: AU$155,465

10. Dental Practitioners

Natural dental degeneration and damage makes people always in need of dental services, making jobs in dental practice a desirable career option for students.
Income: AU$140,957

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Top 10 Underrated Jobs (’s 2013 Report)

Some of the jobs available may not look very attractive but when it comes to job growth and pay, these could be equally rewarding. Listed in here is’s list of the most underrated jobs of 2013.

  • Computer Systems Analysts show promising job growth
  • Veterinarians are project go grow greatly with more people buying pets
  • Biologists have a promising growth rate and enjoyable working conditions

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Job growth looks promising for computer systems analysts with number of employees expected to increase by 22%. This shows a strong compensation package with the top earners receiving salaries over US$120,000.
Median Salary: US$76,680

2. Veterinarian

More people are now buying pets and their love for these is tied with the need to obtain the services of veterinarians, which could be accounted for the projected growth of 36% in the next 7 years.
Median Salary: US$84,460

3. Biologists

Biologists have enjoyable working conditions and work in low stress level environments. This job offers minimal physical demands and a promising growth rate of 31%.
Median Salary: US$72,700

4. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are needed in different sectors, offering you a vast variety of opportunities. This is one of the fastest growing fields at the expected growth rate of 41% according to BLS.
Median Salary: US$60,300

5. Accountants

The changing economic trends did not affect the demand for accountants in the market. With a growth rate of 16%, this job is expected to still be much needed by several industries for the next several years.
Median Salary: US$63,550

6. Emergency Medical Technicians

The escalating demand for emergency medical technicians presents an opportunity for people who want to work in healthcare. Courses in EMT is not as lengthy as the ones required in other medical jobs.
Median Salary: US$31,020

7. Legal Assistants

Paralegals have experienced salary increases in the past years and working as one is a good way to test the waters if you are considering a job as a lawyer. This job offers a bit of prestige and is intellectually challenging.
Median Salary: US$46,990

8. Civil Engineer

It is projected that there will be more infrastructure-related projects which gives civil engineering jobs a possible growth of 19%. Expected salary is high and this job often promises positive working conditions.
Median Salary: US$79,340

9. School Principal

Academe does not always offer high salaries but school principals are an exception. This job is considered meaningful as it offers you the ability to influence the lives of students.
Median Salary: US$87,760

10. Plumbers

Plumbing jobs continue to stay strong in the industry while other jobs in the construction sector are not so lucky. The potential income could be more than US$80,000.
Median Salary: US$49,140

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Top 10 Overrated Jobs (’s 2013 Report)

There are many jobs that pay well but if you consider the stress levels and employee turnover, the unseen pressure may not be enough to compensate for the high salaries received. According to, these are the top overrated jobs in 2013.

  • Advertising Account Executives face high expectations in a high turnover industry
  • Surgeons deal with large amount of stress after years of extensive training

1. Advertising Account Executive

Individuals working as advertising account executives are often faced with high expectations and work in a very competitive industry which results to high turnover.
Median Salary: US$66,913

2. Surgeons

Becoming a surgeon requires extensive training that takes many years. Once qualified, the stress dealt with by surgeons on a daily basis exceeds almost any other profession.
Median Salary: US$166,400

3. Stockbrokers

The highly volatile and ever-changing stock market makes failure a constant concern for stockbrokers, creating high levels of stress.
Median Salary: US$72,060

4. Public Relations Managers

Public relations is a highly competitive industry and has been one of the most common majors for university graduates in recent years, making competition for jobs especially fierce. At the same time, satisfying the demands of the media, clients and audiences makes this one of the most stressful of all careers.
Median Salary: US$95,450

5. Senior Corporate Executives

Senior corporate executive jobs may be prestigious, but they also come with huge responsibilities. The decisions made at this level affect almost every aspect of the business and are subject to intense scrutiny by stakeholders. This places a lot of stress on those bearing this responsibility.
Median Salary: US$168,140

6. Event Coordinator

Pay received may not be enough to make up for the tension that an event coordinator experiences doing this job. This career still continues to attract people with growth rate projected at 44%.
Median Salary:US$45,810

7. Architect

Architects have had limited opportunities in the recent years due to the bursting of the US housing bubble and poor growth in most construction sectors. Working to tight deadlines can require architects to put in long hours designing and planning projects.
Median Salary:US$73,090

8. Commercial Airline Pilot

This is ranked as one of the top three most stressful jobs due to the high level of diligence and responsibility involved in making sure passengers and plane arrive safely at their destination every time. The job market has not been strong in recent years either.
Median Salary:US$114,200

9. Attorney

Cost of education and poor job outlook for graduates make this an unattractive career prospect. Hiring rates for graduates fell from 85% to just 62% between 2011 and 2012 according to the Wall Street Journal.
Median Salary:US$113,530

10. Computer Programmer

Computer programming jobs are often being outsourced to overseas where rates are lower. This means there are less job opportunities for programmers domestically.
Median Salary:US$74,280

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Top 5 Overall Jobs

After gathering relevant data, these are the recommended jobs based on popularity, company and salary. Take note that several factors were also taken into account such as projected growth, employee satisfaction, stress levels, varied career options and possible career advancement.

1. Information Technology

Why it’s great: Small, medium and large entities greatly rely on the use of computers and software. Background in information technology will give you a broad selection of opportunities and will allow you entry to jobs like software developer, computer systems analyst, database administrator, IT consultant, cloud architect, mobile applications developer and web developer. With ample experience, career advancement is possible in project management roles. Pay rate could be very high depending on specialization.

Where to find work: Software provider companies like SAS and Intuit, cloud computing companies like, Internet product and service providers like Google, mobile applications, businesses that rely greatly on computers, and at home as a freelancer.

2. Accounting

Why it’s great: Finance is always tied to business activities and the need for individual financial and tax services make accountants always in demand in the market. Accounting opens up opportunities to high paying jobs like that of financial analysts, financial controllers, chief financial officers, fund managers and university professors.

Where to find work: Financial business entities such as Edward Jones, Financial Dealers and Robert W. Baird & Co., corporations, government offices, non-profit organizations, healthcare industries, and catering to own private clients.

3. Engineering

Why it’s great: All forms of engineering jobs are said to be currently in demand as more and more resources are now being made available to engineering industries. Engineering jobs are often offered desirable rates in different industries such as in mining, electrical, civil, mechanical, marine, aerospace and industrial engineering practices. Career advancement is possible where one could work as a technical specialist, project manager and engineering manager.

Where to find work: Construction companies like DPR Construction, transportation, telecommunications, power plants, repair, offices, large corporations, manufacturing plants, research labs, hospitals, management, and in own businesses.

4. Anesthesiology

Why it’s great:Medicine practice attracts very high salaries but out of all the fields of specializations, anaesthesiologists reported to have higher satisfaction rating. This is the second highest paid specialization following surgery. Work is available in almost all locations.

Where to find work: Hospitals, pain management and trauma centres, military facilities, outpatient and home care centres, private clinics and universities as educators.

5. Market Research

Why it’s great: Business owners must make good decisions with their money and would rather spend a relatively small amount on market research to ensure a successful venture than lose everything in a bad investment. As long as there are new products and services in the market, there will always be job opportunities for market research analysts. With a projected growth rate of 41%, the future looks promising for job seekers in this field.

Where to find work:Finance and insurance, management, scientific and technical consulting services, wholesale trade, management of companies and enterprises, manufacturing, government, and universities in teaching positions.

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