Australia’s Top Jobs of 2013!

Like many Australians, you may be thinking about changing careers and gaining a new qualification during 2013. A new qualification not only provides you with a great set of skills, but increases employment opportunities in a tough job market. Where should you direct your efforts? There are several industries that are shaping up to have some of the best jobs of 2013. Check out some of these possible career paths:

1. Education

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. People travel from all corners of the globe to complete school, vocational training and university education at our institutions. Online education is set to be one of the major growth sectors as students and teachers get out of the classroom and enjoy the resources and flexible scheduling online learning can offer. The Australian education system should only get better, with ongoing reforms to sectors such as vocational training to improve the quality of training and convenience for students.

Education Support

Education support courses, like the Certificate III in Education Support, will qualify you to work within the public sector and independent schools. As an education support student, you will learn the skills to support children with their learning plans and will assist in improving numeracy and literacy skills.

Training and Assessment Courses

Get into Australia's education industry through the Certificate IV in Training and AssessmentThe second area of education experiencing growth is the adult education industry. Currently, the industry standard for trainers is the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 Course qualification. As a TAE40110 student, you will learn to design and deliver training programs as well as assess learners.

Find out more about the Cert IV in Training and Assessment by Clicking Here.

Education is one of Australia’s top jobs. However, if training is not your thing, there are many more jobs set to boom in 2013!



2. Software Developer

Since 2010, software development jobs have grown by approximately 7%. This brings software jobs to the number two spot on our list!

“What is software development?” I hear you ask.

The main task of a software developer is to research, design, implement or test (or all of the above) a variety of software. Developers also work within the fields of project management and computer programming.

Project Management Courses

Looking to be a Project Manager? The Cert IV in Project Management is an excellent place to startIf development interests you, try project management! Project management training will equip you with valuable skills, including managing time, budget and resources as well as quality control and project costing.

Are you new to project management? Check out the Cert IV Project Management HERE.

If you’ve got some experience read about the Diploma of Project Management HERE.

3. Accounting

Over the past two years, accounting jobs have increased by three per cent. This equates to more than 32,000 extra jobs since 2010 alone.

Accounting consists of many different fields and includes chief financial officers, forensic accountants, environmental accountants and international and risk analyst accountants.

Which field you work in depends on your interests and qualification level. Accounting is a great occupation for those wishing to start a career in the banking or finance fields.

Accounting Courses

If you are a numbers person, you are in luck! Inspire has a great range of accounting courses.

An accounting course is a great qualification for those who aspire to work within a small business sector as financial clerks, accounts payable and receivable and payroll clerks.

Completing an accounting course is a fantastic entry point for those looking to build a career in banking or finance.

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4. Market Specialists

Market analysts have witnessed a huge jump in jobs during the past two years with the industry recording a 10 per cent growth.

The purpose of a market analyst is to outline particular markets in terms of dynamics, growth and potential for business, strengths, weaknesses and potential threats. They create a company strategy based on these findings.

Business Management Courses

Market analysts are heavily involved in business. If this is an interest of yours, check out Inspire’s range of business management or business administration courses below!

Cert IV Business Administration


5. Human Resources Professionals

Inspire offers the Cert IV in Human Resources.The human resources profession has added more than 22,000 jobs since 2010 and has measured a 5 per cent growth over the past two years.

Undoubtedly, HR is an exciting and quickly growing industry. In addition to the great job opportunities HR offers, Career Cast rated it within the Top Three Best Jobs of 2013. This ranking represents the high growth, employment prospects and favourable work environment paired with low levels of stress and physical demand.

HR managers are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating all aspects of human resource management. HR professionals also monitor all areas of management, staff, employment, organisation matters, policy and work-related problems.

Human Resources Courses

A HR Training course, like the Cert IV Human Resources, allows you to work within a range of professional roles including as a human resource officer, administrator, front-line manager or trainer. You will gain skills relevant to recruiting, selection and induction of staff through practical learning techniques.

Are you ready to make an exciting move to HR? Inspire offers the Certificate IV in Human Resources, Click HERE to find out more!

There you have the top five growth industries for 2013!

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What are your thoughts on the top growth industries for 2013? Are you planning to switch jobs, start a training course or re-enter one of Australia’s highest growing industries this year?

Let me know!






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