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Top Aged Care Skills You Must Have

There are certain aged care skills required for you to be fully equipped and competent to provide assistance and care for the elderly.

People who are positive, compassionate, and patient will fit the bill when it comes to being an aged care worker. However, the real question would be, do they have the proper skills to back it up?

Are you keen to start a career in aged care? Has it always been your passion to look after the senior members of your community?

Learn the top aged care skills you should prioritise to acquire — and be the best aged care worker you can be!


I. Have Excellent Communication and Listening Skills

aged care worker communicating with elderly client

This is probably one of the most important aged care skills to have under your belt. Being an excellent communicator and listener is very beneficial for elderly people who just want to sit down and have someone to talk with.

Sometimes, a good chat is all it takes to make their day — and this is only possible if you’re good at listening to their stories and being able to share some of your own.

At the same time, you should be able to “read between the lines” if your client doesn’t feel like talking that much.

It could be just that type of day for them where they’d rather enjoy their own space, or maybe would want to hear more from you instead of them doing all the talking.

It takes a good sense of listening skills to be able to pick up things like these from your client. Which is only amplified by your passion for providing care for them.


II. Be a Great Multitasker

female aged worker attending to her elderly client

Every day will present different scenarios — some days may go smoothly, while other days may present challenges.

This is why being a great multitasker is such a great aged care skill to have.

You may be caring for multiple clients in a day, which can be tough. But if you’re quite adept at multi-tasking, this shouldn’t even bother you.

Your daily tasks may include cleaning, taking your clients for a walk, making sure they get to their appointments on time, etc.

It could be a range of different things, so you need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once, and ensure that all these tasks are completed with little to no errors or issues.


III. Flexibility and Responsiveness

senior woman with caregiver

Working in the aged care sector requires you to be flexible and responsive — you should be able to act quickly when things suddenly change, or if something comes up unexpectedly.

If something happens within the day that wasn’t part of your plan, you must be able to work under pressure and react appropriately.

While being flexible comes in handy in terms of dealing with the different kinds of personalities your clients may have.

Some elderly clients may be cheerful and outspoken, while others are soft-spoken and meek.

It is up to you to adjust and find a way to connect regardless of their personalities.

This is one of the aged care skills that’s considered a must-have in terms of dealing with your clients.


IV. Being Physically Fit

fit and able aged care worker taking client on a walk

Being an aged care worker is no joke — this is a job that requires you to be on your feet at most times. You may be required to assist with the elderly’s mobility issues.

No one expects you to have the stamina of an athlete, but you do need to be prepared for the physical demands of the job.

Being physically fit also lets you do more.

It’s one thing to have passion about caring for the elderly, but it also takes an able body to execute your passion and be the best aged care worker you can be for your clients.


V. Being Respectful and Professional at All Times

senior holding hands with young aged care worker

This is one of the aged care skills that might sound too obvious, but it should be said anyways.

You have to respect the elderly and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

Never make assumptions and judgments based on their age, race, mobility, etc.

Treat your elderly clients with the utmost respect and build rapport with them, and your career will never feel like a job.

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