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The Top 5 Emerging Marketing Careers In 2019

What Does The Marketing Landscape Look Like Today?


Ever since people had something to sell, some form of marketing has always been involved. This gives us an idea just how long the concept of marketing has been around — people have been buying and selling since ancient times!

With this rich history, marketing as an idea and a process had its time to evolve. Gone are the days when the word “marketing” only involved ideas related to print mediums, radio, and television advertising.

While these still exist, these aren’t the only ways for you to market and sell your products anymore.

Over the last decade, the era of technological advancement has been a driving force when it comes to influencing how marketing is done entirely.

It has continuously reshaped how marketers reach their audiences and sell their products.

The rise and prevalence of blog, email, social media, and search engine marketing across the big and small industries can all be attributed to the digital age.

To cope with these trends and changes, marketers today have to be growth-orientedtech-savvy, and well-versed in data analytics. They also have to showcase their creative touch in creating multimedia content that is informative and user-friendly.

Also, these traits are what employers want to see in resumes when looking for the right candidate for marketing team roles.

Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity?

Find out what marketing roles are in demand and which one suits you best depending on your traits, skills, and capabilities:


1. Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing Data Analyst Skills


There is a misconception that marketing professionals should always be creative. The marketing team is often seen as a bucket overflowing with creative juice.

This is true, but not all the time. The marketing landscape has changed a lot through the years and marketers now need to focus on multiple aspects of their organisation’s marketing schemes.

These include analysing and processing large quantities of data.

This is where a Marketing Data Analyst comes in. They are statisticiansdata-savvy people—who love to work with numbers and analyse trends, which are both vital in keeping any organisation alive and competitive.

The role of data analysts is important because they help the team and the management understand the impact and effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they run. They also assist in decision-making, providing data and well-researched strategies.

These professionals are good at analysing trends and visualising data, and they are unafraid of large data sets, which is a nightmare to some people.


2. Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker

Similar to the Marketing Data Analyst, Growth Hackers are individuals that make data-driven decisions. The difference is that this role is meant to be lightweight, fast-moving and imaginative.

They will always look to run experiments with their products and would always seek to market products on a reasonable budget based on thorough research.

Growth Hackers continuously look for creative ways to gain new customers. They would develop a sound marketing strategy that will attract and retain these customers in the long run.

The key for Growth Hackers is to have a deep understanding of the behaviours of potential customers. Once they’ve analysed their behavioural patterns, they should be able to use the data gathered for their advantage and for developing a good strategy.


3. Marketing Project Manager

Marketing Project Manager


Marketing teams these days are constantly preparing one launch and then jumping on to another.  Whether it be a new opportunity, new product to releasea new feature for existing products or website, or a sale announcement.

The sheer number of these projects is enough to make any Marketing Manager’s head spin— which is why having a Project Manager for Marketing can be helpful.

The Project Manager can either be in charge of just one product or the whole marketing process of the business, depending on the size of the company and the project. The role requires top tier skills in organisation, working with a budget, priority management, status tracking, and of course, working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Having a point person that manages each marketing task, or all of them, could lift a heavy burden off the Marketing Manager or Director and can promote smoother processes for the team.


4. Product Marketer

Product Marketer

Developing strategies on the best way to present the message, branding, selling points, and key features of the product to the customer is the main function of this role.

The Product Marketer should be up to speed with everything there is to understand about their organisation’s products. Part of this is to understand market behaviour by conducting market research and competitor analysis.

This role also entails leading the efforts for outbound marketingcollateral development, and devising a strategy for product pricing.


5. Multimedia Content Creator

Multimedia Content Creator


Generally, today’s marketers are expected to be digital natives and tech-savvy. They are expected to smoothly handle and maintain multiple digital platforms.

However, if you’re the team’s content creator, you must be able to take it up a notch. It isn’t enough to just be able to write. Today, the benchmark also includes being well-versed when it comes to content creation for different types of medium.

A multimedia content creator must be able to manage video production, graphic design, and copywriting and editing.

As to what type of content, it’s about making product videostutorials on how to use the company’s product, and podcasts for consumers, among others.


If you’re looking to get into the marketing industry, there are 5 emerging job roles that you may consider getting into:

  1. Marketing Data Analyst
  2. Growth Hacker
  3. Marketing Product Manager
  4. Product Marketer
  5. Multimedia Content Creator

Choosing the role that suits you the most can propel your career for the better and can benefit you in the long run.


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