Top 25 Accounting Blogs

Top 25 Accounting Blogs

By William Cowie

It’s easy to overlook the value of a good blog. The internet is littered with poorly written, low value and abandoned blog sites which pollute the blogosphere. It’s a shame. A good blog can inspire you, teach you, challenge the way you think or make your laugh.

These accounting blogs will help you learn as an accounting student, guide your path to success as an accountant and businessperson, aid you in avoiding scams and fraud, and entertain you and challenge your opinions in your spare time.

Here Are the Top 25 Accounting Blogs You Should Read


This is no shallow ‘taxes are bad’ blog. “Ataxingmatter”, from law professor Linda Beale, delves deep into taxation matters with rich and thought provoking posts. Who should be taxed, and why, are common threads, often examining current examples of tax avoidance or loopholes that need to be addressed. This blog might just challenge you to reconsider you opinions on tax…

CPA Success

Bill & Tom are the thought provoking, well written accountants & bloggers behind CPA Success. Their posts cover many facets of accounting practice, challenging common accounting & business practices, examining multi-generational issues in the workplace and exploring new technologies.

The Fraud Files Blog

Forensic accountant and fraud investigator Tracy Coenen uses her own experience and expertise to examine recent accounting scams and scandals. Building on often fascinating source materials (reality is stranger than fiction) her personal commentary helps to unravel and explain current events in the fraud world and provide handy advice to avoid pitfalls yourself.

Accounting Coach

This blog aims to make accounting fun and interesting for everyone, especially students. The Accounting Coach blog is part of the larger Accounting Coach site, created by CPA Harold Avercamp. The blog regularly asks a single question and follows it with a detailed question. It’s perfect to test your accounting knowledge and skills.  “What are the limitations of the balance sheet?” Visit to find out.

The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion attempts to demystify the world of accounting by extracting key issues hidden in industry jargon. Blogger Tom Selling may ‘only’ be a retired CPA & PhD qualified tech company co-founder (!), but he is still hard at work writing about accounting, taking on the Big Four, and championing lost causes.

Alain Lewis Accountants Blog

Keep up to date with changes to Australian tax laws and benefits with Alain Lewis Accountants’ accounting blog. They examine changes to Medicare, superannuation and highlight what Australians can and cannot claim on tax each financial year.

Million Dollar CPA

If you’re going into business as an accountant, The Million Dollar CPA is for you! These tips and techniques will help you excel as a business owner, and there are lessons here for non accountants too! Discover practices for sustained growth and productivity, how to develop a client list and methods to improve collections.

Treasury Cafe

Treasury cafe posts are epic! There is only one a month, but its well worth the wait. They’re designed for the more advanced accounting student (or practising accountant!), with in-depth examinations of accounting topics. Learn everything you need to know about ROI, regression, cash flows and more, right here.

Freaking Accountant

Ethics – the often overlooked component of accounting. Freaking Accountant examines the ethical issues of the day as they relate to the accounting profession. Opinion pieces, handy resources from around the web, infographics, quotes, news and current events – even the odd obituary – are thrown into the mix. Check it out.

The Missouri Tax Guy

The Missouri Tax Guy writes about taxation from a United States perspective. There are enough general accounting, business and financial articles that the blog remains relevant to Australian readers too! Discover why plastic has not yet completely replaced paper for payments and learn about security for small business here.

Marketing Ideas for CPAS

As the title suggests, Marketing Ideas for CPAs focuses on marketing tips for accountants. Learn more about how social media, writing, branding, PR, website and general marketing concepts can help you develop your business and succeed in the competitive world of accounting.

Dental CPAs

This blog equally applies to dentists and accountants! The Dental Accountants firm fills a market niche: accounting specialists for dentists and dental practices. This blog has genuinely useful business tips and information that you can use in your own life and is a must read for accountants who plan to specialise in accounting for a particular industry, dentistry or otherwise.

Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders

Filled with advice, experiences and life lessons for accountants and accounting leaders, Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders is a genuine and interesting blog. The site is update almost daily too, so there’ll always be something new there for you to read.

Convergence Coaching

Business leadership, inspired ideas, personal development, social networking, HR, organisational development and more – it’s all here at Convergence Coaching. These once weekly updates from a variety of authors contain lessons for any professional.

The Etax Blog

Full of quick, easy tips for Australians to maximise their tax returns, “The Etax Blog” is produced by the team at Etax Accountants. Aimed more at the customer than the trained accountant, accounting students will still find genuine benefit here as Etax explores the various tax incentives and refunds available to individuals under Australian tax laws.

Summing It Up

Written from a New York perspective, international accountants can learn valuable accounting and business lessons from Summing It Up. Steps to surviving an audit, cyber threats to online business or picking the right startup company can be applied anywhere in the world.

Appletree Business Services

Appletree Business Services delivers lessons for current and future small business owners. If you don’t know the whats-whys-and-hows, then check out this blog. If you do think you know them, then you definitely need to check out this blog!

Boring is Optional

The Boring is Optional accounting blog brings humour to a profession often criticised for being too dry. Full of jokes, stories, videos, quotes and anecdotes, it’s a reminder that accounting doesn’t have to be boring… Don’t forget to try and win the next INABA (I Am Not A Boring Accountant) award!

re: The Auditors

Francie McKenna draws on more than 25 years experience in consulting and professional services when she writes for her newspaper styled blog. Populated with news and stories of scandals, fraud, backstabbing and ignominy, this blog flies in the face of anyone who stereotypes business or accounting as staid.

Grumpy Old Accountants

Dr. Catanach, professor at the School of Business at Villanova University, draws on the headlines of today and the past to explore interesting questions about ethics, insider trading, and transparency in accounting.

The Summa

Social media, technology, higher education, and cool stuff are all fair game to Professor David Albrecht in his blog, “The Summa”. Always informed and interesting, his blogs are full of personal observations drawn from his extensive experience in academia.

The Forensic Accounting Blog

Computer forensics, forensic accounting, fraud prevention and fraud investigation are dragged into the spotlight in this insightful blog from CPAs at Bond Beebe Accountants. Topics like protecting your organisation from check and card fraud are perfect for business owners, while the less-lucky-in-love might appreciate their divorce checklist.

CPA in Erie, CO

CPA Michelle Edwards is the brain behind “CPA in Erie”, a series of helpful blogs with business tips and practical lessons on how to extract the most from your QuickBooks accounting software.

Inspire Accounting Blog

We couldn’t make a list without including ourselves! We aim to bring you essential news and information about accounting & bookkeeping from a vocational training perspective. Careers, changes to courses and anything else we find along the way!


Think you can do better?

All of these blogs offer something of value to the world. Do you have a strong or unique opinion that needs to be heard? Perhaps it’s time to start your own accounting blog and add your unique voice to the mix.


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