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Top Tips for First Time Education Support Workers

First time as an education support worker? Need tips to get to a great start in your career?

Worry no more, as this guide will breeze through the top tips you can keep in mind and execute into your day and be the best teacher’s aide you can be!

Working in education support can be really tough at times, especially when it’s your first time. So read on and take note of these helpful tips.


1. Learn Your Student’s Names

education support worker in class with children

Calling everyone “you there” isn’t really the way to go. All though it’s your first time — and probably the first time you’ll be meeting with the children in your class, make an effort to learn their names right off the bat.

You can call everyone and ask them to introduce themselves during your first day. Make sure to take note of their names. Of course, you won’t remember all of them right away.

But at the very least, ask their names when you want to call them.

Hearing their names in repetition will eventually lead you to be able to associate their face with their names. Eventually, you’ll learn each and everyone’s names.

Learning your student’s names is also the first step in forming a bond with them. So, if you want to start the right way, know their names!


2. You Don’t Have to Know Everything

As Education Support Workers, it is most often expected that when in the classroom, you have to know every answer the class throws at you. Generally speaking, you should. As it’ll show your expertise and knowledge and easily makes the class look up to you.

But there will be times that you just don’t have the answer to a specific question. If this happens, don’t be pressured to come up with an answer you’re unsure of. Remember, you’re with children — and what you say or answer to their questions will stick to them.

Only provide them with correct and accurate answers. So, if you don’t know an answer to a particular question (which is very unlikely), don’t be afraid to admit it. Tell the class that you’ll get back to the question with the proper answer.


3. Give your Class Enough Time to Answer a Question You Posted

class recitation

For first-timers, this is actually a common mistake education support workers commit when in class.

Wait around 10-15 seconds before you repeat your question, or move on.

Children take time to collect their thoughts and express it, so be mindful not to pressure them for an answer to your question.

This also lets the children in your class feel comfortable when reciting, as they’ll know they won’t feel any pressure from you when asked a certain question.


4. Prepare More Material for Your Class

You may think what you have is enough, but you’ll never know.

Your first few sessions may end up quicker than expected, as you’ll understandably be still settling in your class. You might run out of class material or things to discuss in the process. This is why it might be good to prepare more than you think.

As education support workers, it’s generally a good practice to prepare, as you’ll always have something up your sleeve when the need arises.

Remember that one of your responsibilities as a teacher’s aide is to provide an exceptional learning experience for children — and being prepared can cover that.


5. Ask for Help

senior education support worker mentoring younger colleague

As a first-timer, it’s okay to ask for help. Ask more experienced colleagues for things you may have a hard time about.

More often than not, what you’re experiencing for the first time in the job is the exact same thing they went through during their first time.

Their wisdom and knowledge on how to approach the job are invaluable and you can use that to develop your career and be a better education support worker.

Seeking how to improve yourself not only benefits your career, but it also benefits the level of learning experience the children under you get to have.

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