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The Top Soft Skills That Boost Employability

While it’s a given that a qualification is certainly the number one priority in terms of what employers look into when hiring, there are a few things that can boost your employability.

Holding a specific qualification and experience in the field alone can’t absolutely guarantee you’ll land the job you want.

Things such as soft skills are also taken into consideration by employers.

There are heaps of soft skills that can truly be helpful for your every day, and even in your career. But there are a select few that can boost your employability even further.

Read on to learn more about the soft skills that can help you land your dream job!


Being a Good Communicator

good communication amongst teammates

You can be an effective asset in any job role or field if you’re an effective communicator — both verbally and in written form.

A good communicator is an active listener and someone who can relay information effectively. This also takes into account the ability to break down complex information you take in and be able to explain in simple and straightforward terms.

Excellent communication skills also contribute to how people perceive you (through your tone and syntax) and give you the tools to understand what’s exactly required from you — which is essential when you’re expected to perform a certain way for a certain job role.


Great Multitasker

corporate guy multitasking as soft skill

The nature of today’s jobs doesn’t really let you get away with only being stuck doing a single task.

Expect to do a few at a time. Employers would want someone who is able to juggle a variety of tasks and projects while performing at a high level.

Of course, this is all with doing it with finesse, punctuality, and quality. You may be able to do a few tasks, but it certainly won’t mean anything if your final output would turn out to be underwhelming.



team of five in a company

Being adaptable goes hand in hand with multitasking – if your employer needs you to work on a certain task, you have to be ready to take that on.

An adaptable employee can step out of their role when necessary and do whatever is needed to solve a problem – without panicking.

If an issue arises at work, you need to try and find alternative solutions to it, with flexibility and disposition.

Being adaptable is incredibly important in the modern workplace, where companies and job descriptions change at the speed of light.

A good way to try to become more adaptable is to continuously learn new skills.

Having an array of skills under your belt increases your adaptability and can prepare you to deal with heaps of difficult situations.


Being a Team Player

team play being displayed in a group of corporate people

A lot of today’s jobs require some kind of collaboration. Socialisation is a necessity, especially if you’re going to work in a team.

Being a team player is a soft skill most employers will appreciate — especially when today’s businesses thrive on teams getting the job done.

In addition to being collaborative, getting along with other co-workers is a plus.

Be someone who’s easy to get along with — make your colleagues feel that you are dependable and are willing to take one for the team when push comes to shove.

Not only does being a great teammate influence the output of your team, but it also influences everybody else to step up to your level and perform to meet the company’s goals.


Have Great Organisational Skills

woman carefully planning

Great organisational skills can immensely help you perform at the highest level.

Planning effectively and allocating your time the best way possible can spell the difference between a successful project from a disastrous one.

Also, your company’s resources are a valuable asset. You don’t want to be rushing in with ideas that are not well thought of.

Effective planning saves everyone’s time and money — think it through before you execute it and you’ll avoid wasting your company’s resources.

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