Frequently Asked Questions – TESOL FAQs

What is the difference between TESOL and TEFL?

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Generally, TESOL qualifications are used in all countries and provide for the needs of all students. TEFL qualifications are used in countries where English is not widely prevalent. In essence, the two are extremely similar and will both enable you to teach English around the world.

Do I have to be a teacher?

No! TESOL courses are undertaken by university students, gap year students, qualified teachers and those looking for a change of career. If you are already a teacher this opens up further opportunities for you and English teaching skills are a great addition to your portfolio.

Does English have to be my native language?

In short, no. Both native and non-native English Speakers have undertaken the TESOL Course. See the prerequisites listed below for more information!

Are there pre-requisites required?

TESOL applicants must demonstrate an acceptable level of written and spoken English required to undertake the course. Applicants must:
• Have year 12 or greater qualification
• Where qualification is not present, pass Inspire Education’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy Entry Assessment before commencing the TESOL course.
• As a minimum have completed year 12 or be 18 years or older.

During the pre-interview, applicants must also demonstrate:

• An appropriate awareness of the English language as it is used and its difficulties for learners
• An ability to analyse language at a suitable level and to express ideas clearly
• A willingness to engage in discussion of teaching/learning approaches
• Self-awareness and flexibility of approach
• Willingness to interact, listen and respond appropriately
• An ability to take pressure and maintain positive rapport
• A competence in written and spoken English that will enable them to teach the language to students without causing error

To complete the Cert IV TESOL Course you will need to have:

• Access to a computer (PC or Mac) with Internet
• Adobe Flash Player 7
• Adobe Acrobat Reader (Essential for Mac Users)
• Microsoft Word 97 or later (for PC)

How long is the TESOL Course?

Inspire offers the TESOL course via distance/Online Learning. This means you will have 12 months to complete the course from the date of enrollment. As it is self paced learning, you have the option to complete the TESOL course in a much shorter period of time. Alternatively, if you require, you can extend the course beyond the allotted 12 months with an extension.

What qualification will I receive?

If you choose to do your English Teaching Course with Inspire Education, you will receive a Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL Certification). This is internationally recognised.

What is the job situation like for TESOL Course graduates?

A TESOL course can help you gain employment both domestically and internationally. Different countries have different expectations on the types of qualifications TESOL teachers require, so it’s best to research the exact country you plan to visit. Some qualifications such as the Certificate IV in TESOL are internationally recognised and accepted, meaning you can travel and teach in a number of countries worldwide !

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