TESOL Courses – How To Pack For Travelling Part 2

So, you’ve decided on your bag and got underway with the packing? I’ve compiled a few more ideas to stretch those extra kilos a bit further!

10 Top Packing Ideas for TESOL Certification Student

1. Don’t say “what if?”

Always pack realistically. You should not be entertaining thoughts like “what if?” because generally, as most experience travellers will say, the situation just doesn’t arise. Your clothes aren’t paying for a holiday – don’t be giving them a free trip around the world at your own expense!

2. Zip IT!

If you don’t already use zip lock air bags, consider it. These clothes bags are great, they minimize wrinkles and maximize room and are a good idea if you are traveling to a cooler climate and have a lot of bulky items packed.

3. Go easy on the toiletries…

These are most often the heaviest part of a travellers luggage (particularly for women!). Substitute large shampoo and conditioner for smaller bottles, a two-in-one type product or even dry shampoo!

It is also a good idea to re-assess the cosmetics situation. Will you really need nail polish and remover, several lotions and perfumes and a multitude of make-up? This depends on the person and the location but generally, most of it can be brought there and will be available in duty-free.

4. Forget the basics!

Things like sheets, pillows, socks and underwear can be purchased on arrival and a lot of the time cost less than they would back at home! Keep in mind that Asian sizes lean on the smaller side so pack back-up accordingly.

5. Layer it on.

Many skinny layers of clothes are a perfect way to reduce the bulk of a big overcoat. They are also fantastic for those climates that change temperature radically throughout the day.

If you are heading to a cold country, pack thermals to wear under day clothes – this will help you adjust to extreme temperatures.

6. The smaller the better

When choosing a bag look for the smallest practical size possible. This bag will go everywhere with you. In many countries where pick-pocketing and theft can be a problem, you will appreciate that less is more.

7. Consider your destination

Will you being heading to Asia, Europe, the Middle East or South America perhaps? Research it! Get to know the weather, the dress and the customs of your new home – this can help you hugely in gauging what is necessary for your baggage!

8. Get used to your luggage!

If you have a backpack, walk around the house with it on to get a feel for weight distribution. You can also alter the lengths of all straps so make sure you have it appropriately fitted to your body. If you need help with this, any travel shop stocking backpacks is a great source of information!

9. Evaluate electronics

Think about whether your phone, tablet, laptop and SLR camera is absolutely essential. Tablets are a good options to replace your phone, camera and laptop as you can take relatively good sized photos on them, you can use them to access internet and your emails and they are also great for free phone calling services like Skype and Viber.

10. Remember…

The golden mantra of “When in doubt, chuck it out.”

Have you guys got any tips for packing? Leave a comment below!

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