Teaching English As A Second Language In Thailand

Teaching English As A Second Language In Thailand

Welcome to Part 7 of the TESOL Course destination series:

Teaching English as a Secondary Language in Thailand

Over the past few weeks we have looked at TESOL Courses across the world including Brazil, South America, Spain, Europe, The Middle Eastern location of Dubai and the Asian destinations of Korea, China and Japan. Today’s post will look at TESOL jobs in Thailand. Did you know? Thailand was originally called Siam and since 1800s has switched back and forth between Siam and Thailand.

TESOL Courses are a popular training choice for many Australian’s are they offer the variety of living and working in another country and the security of being in demand job-wise once you get over there! If a TESOL Course qualification is something your after, check out more at TESOL Courses.

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TESOL Course Graduates in Asia

As you might already know, Asia, particular South East Asia, is one of the most popular destinations for Australian TESOL students. It’s close to home, geographically, but a world away from our typical life here in Australia. TESOL Course graduates are also in huge demand due to the ever growing importance of English in both personal and business life throughout Asia. Did you know? English is the international language of business.

"Get your TESOL course qualification and have the chance to work in Thailand

Where Can I Work in Thailand with a TESOL Course Qualification?

There are many opportunities for English teaching (TESOL) jobs right across Thailand. Many students determine their TESOL location based on the included extras like transport, accommodation and flights.

TESOL Courses and Thailand: What is the salary like?

Generally, TESOL teachers earn around AUD850 per month, however there is potential to earn up to AUD2000 per month depending on your qualification and experience level. In comparison to the monthly wage, the cost of living is significantly low and you will likely find it easy to maintain a good lifestyle. There is also ample public transport to get your from A to B (meaning transportation costs are virtually zero).

TESOL Courses and Thailand: Are flights and housing included?

Many employment contracts include a one way air flight for every 6 months of employment, while others include return flights with 12 month contracts. Inclusions are largely dependent on employers and terms of employment. Accommodation is generally included in most  TESOL Course employment contracts throughout Asia, however, you will need to check the specifics of your contract for medical cover and other inclusion like furnished or unfurnished apartments (usually furnished) or transportation to and from work.

Looking for a TESOL job in Thailand?

Looking for a TESOL Job?

Many job seekers choose their TESOL job location based on amount of available employment opportunities. As you probably already know, the demand for TESOL in Asia is incomparable. The continent boasts one of the biggest TESOL markets in the world with many English language schools running employment programs that allow you to set up a job before leaving Australia. Although, if you choose to fly straight into Thailand to job hunt in person, the opportunities are endless and you are likely to find employment just as easily.

TESOL Courses and Thailand: Bangkok

Bangkok is the biggest TESOL destination in Thailand, particularly for Australian TESOL students. You will find employment opportunities across a variety of markets including schools (both primary and secondary) as well as university level English teaching positions. There is also TESOL opportunities for public and private companies and business schools. Bangkok is the most popular destination for TESOL students due to the huge TESOL industry present in the city.

TESOL Courses and Thailand: Phuket

Choosing Phuket as a TESOL destination means you will be right at home speaking the English language. The location is a popular destination for tourists and the TESOL schools have a huge demand for teachers who speak English as a first language. You will find many fantastic TESOL opportunities in Phuket.

What Is It Like To Live In Thailand?

It is important to consider the cost of living of a country in comparison to your monthly wage. Also, if you have savings, check out the conversion rate online to see how long they will support you in your chosen TESOL Course destination. The currency used in Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB).

Approximately, AUD1 = THB31. The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low which means your pay will go a long way! Rent for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre is about THB15,000 and outside the city centre around THB8,000. For your convenience I have compiled a list of the common items you might need while living in Thailand.

• Cheap meal THB60 = AUD1.9
• Three course meal THB500 = AUD16
• Take out meal THB140 = AUD4.51
• 500ml Beer THB60 = AUD1.9
• Cappuccino THB50 = AUD1.6
• 330ml Coke THB16 = AUD.5
• 1litre Milk THB45 = AUD1.4
• 12 Eggs THB50 = AUD1.6
• 1.5litre Water THB15 = AUD.5
• One way transportation ticket THB20 = AUD.6
• Cigarettes THB80 = AUD2.5
• Movie ticket THB150 = AUD4.8

The above costs are available here and data is based on 3452 entries in the past 18 months.

Next Weeks TESOL Course Graduate Location

This week we have discovered the benefits of teaching English in Thailand! Thailand is definitely one of the most exciting locations and is extremely popular with Australian TESOL Course students. If you have questions regarding TESOL Courses and Certifications, getting a TESOL job in Thailand or just TESOL locations generally, leave a comment below!

Have you worked in Thailand with a TESOL Course certification? If that answer is YES, how was your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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