Teaching English As A Second Language In Singapore

Teaching English As A Second Language In Singapore

Did You Know? Singapore is actually comprised of one main island and 63 mini islands surrounding it. TESOL Courses are a hugely popular training course for Australian’s as they offer a huge variety of opportunities like living and working abroad. TESOL Courses graduates are in-demand across the world and if a TESOL Course is something you are interested in, don’t forget to check out the Certificate IV in Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages TESOL Course.

Now, without further ado, Welcome to Inspire’s TESOL Course destination series blog:

Teaching English As A Second Language In Singapore

Teaching English As A Second Language In Asia

South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for Australian TESOL students. While geographically it’s not too far away from home, an Asian destination, like Singapore, offers a different way of living and a culture extremely different from Australia. Additionally, with Asia’s ever growing importance on English in both personal and business life, TESOL Course graduates are in demand throughout the continent. Did You Know? Singapore is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world!

Teaching English As A Second Language In Singapore

Singapore TESOL Salary

English teachers working in Singapore can expect a reasonable salary due to the higher than average cost of living in comparison to Asia as a whole. Salaries are around SGD2800 per month.

Are Flights and Housing Included?

In addition to this salary, teachers are generally provided with return airfares, health insurance and help to find accommodation.

TESOL Courses: Looking for a Job?

Choosing Singapore as your TESOL destination means you will be right at home speaking the English language. Singapore has English speaking rates of around 80%. While having many English teaching schools, the job market in Singapore is tough and due to competition the qualification level and prior experience of job candidates is taken hugely into consideration. In saying this, there is still a huge English teaching market available as many foreigners come from all over Asia to learn English here. Did You Know? Singapore has 3,000km of roads. Stretched out, they cover the distance from Singapore to Hong Kong!

What Is It Like To Live In Singapore?

Before moving to any country, it is important to consider the cost of living in comparison to your salary. I recommend checking the conversion rates frequently to get the best value for money! At the time of writing, 1 Singapore Dollar (SGD) was equal to AUD0.79.

• Cheap meal SGD10 = AUD7.9
• Three course meal for two people SGD50 = AUD39.5
• Take out meal SGD7 = AUD5.5
• 500ml Beer SGD6 = AUD7.5
• Cappuccino SGD5 = AUD3.9
• 330ml Coke SGD1.5 = AUD1.1
• 1litre Milk SGD2.75 = AUD2.1
• 12 Eggs SGD2.5 = AUD1.9
• 1.5litre Water SGD1.5 = AUD1.1
• One way transportation ticket SGD1.8 = AUD1.4
• Cigarettes SGD12 = AUD9.5
• Movie ticket SGD10 = AUD12.5

Distribution of Living Expenses is available here.

TESOL Course Destination

This week we have looked at Singapore as a TESOL Course graduates destination. Singapore is very popular with Australian TESOL students and offers an exciting adventure! If you’ve got any questions regarding English Teaching Courses or TESOL locations generally, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Have you worked in Singapore with a TESOL Course certification? If that answer is YES, how were your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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