TESOL Courses – How To Pack For Travelling Part 1

9981944_s_miniAre you looking to live and work overseas with your TESOL Certification?

For the most up to date information on checked baggage allowances I suggest you contact your airline. Generally, the standard sits at around 24kg (again, check your airline to ensure you aren’t caught out with an ‘oversized bag’). As this is not a lot of room get to know our tips and tricks for packing lightly and getting the most out of your luggage!

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Welcome to Part 1 of “TESOL Courses – How To Pack For Travelling”

Checked Baggage

• Mark all your belongings with name, contact phone and destination address – I sometimes put home phones and home addresses in case you are contacted while in transit
• Keep valuables out of your checked baggage
• Many locks will be cut off if security choose to inspect (while this is a personal preference thing, generally locks aren’t going to stop unauthorized entry into your bag anyway!).

Carry-on Baggage

• Bring small bottles of liquids and ensure they fit within the restrictions – keep in mind these must also fit into a 1litre plastic zip lock bag
• Check your size and weight (usually allowed around 7kg)
• Many airlines allow you to take a carryon bag, a hand bag and an overcoat – use all three of these to maximize travel space and minimize cost!
• Ensure your prescriptions and over the counter medications are accepted in your destination country – also do this for contact lens fluid which is often overlooked.

What Type of Bag?

Many people ask the question of whether to get a roller bag or a backpack style luggage. A backpack is great if you plan on doing a lot of moving around and a lot of traveling. It is also great if you are based in one area but still envisage a few short trips away here and there. Backpacks are also great for walking on uneven surfaces, getting through crowded areas and make tackling the stairs a breeze.

On the other hand, many prefer the traditional suitcase. For roller-type luggage, ensure it is not too heavy. A huge amount of suitcases weigh between 5-7kg and this is taking a substantial chunk of your overall allowance. I would suggest you also check your warranty as the wheels on some will break or lose optimal function over time (particular when used on cobblestone, uneven and dirt roads). Suitcases definitely have their positives though. They make getting through airports seamless and can be physically easier to transport if you’re not a light packer.

TESOL Course Graduates: Packing Tips and Tricks

• Lay out everything you want to take abroad for a week, each day remove an item that you won’t need. This works wonders!
• While your gear is out, make outfits and discard anything that can’t be used repeatedly
• Watch your fabrics – no one wants to iron on holiday…
• Stick to neutral colours – these will be every day wearable items (you don’t want to be wearing identical outfits in every photo!)
• Follow the rule: “If you don’t wear it here, you won’t wear it there”
• Be mindful of a countries laws – for women, packing a shall is a good idea to ensure shoulders are covered in religious buildings
• Finally – as long as you have your passport all will be smooth sailing. There isn’t really much you can’t buy if you do forget something!

Have you guys got any great packing tips you want to share?

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