Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) in Spain

Get your TESOL course qualification and have the chance to work in Spain

Like many Australians, you may be think of starting a Vocational Education and Training English teaching Course like the Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Course 40649SA). Or, you may have recently graduated from your TESOL Course. If so, then CONGRATULATIONS on your new qualification and the huge opportunities it brings with it.

Now you have the fun task of choosing where you want to teach English. For some TESOL Course students this will be at home, in Australia. But for many, an overseas destination will be calling and may range from anywhere like Asia, to the Middle East, South America or Europe. This weeks focus will be on TESOL Courses and teaching English in Europe, so without further ado welcome to Inspire’s TESOL Course Destination Series:

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) in Spain

TESOL Course Graduates in Europe

Europe is one of the biggest English teaching destinations due to the continents large involvement in international business (making the demand for business English huge!). In comparison to Asia, landing a job with added benefits and adequate pay is a lot harder due to competition. If Europe is your dream destination, it can be a better option to complete a TESOL Course with substance, that will set you apart from the crowd, like the Cert IV TESOL (as opposed to a 20 or 40hour TESOL Course).

Inspire Education is a leading provider of nationally accredited and nationally recognised TESOL Courses.

Inspire Education is a leading provider of nationally accredited and nationally recognised TESOL Courses.*

The Cert IV TESOL (TESOL Course 40649SA) is internationally recognised, meaning you can use it right around the world! The TESOL Course certification is suitable for both those who are new to English teaching as well as qualified teachers who are looking to get into the field of English foreign language teaching.

Where Can I Work in Spain with a TESOL Certification?

You can work in private classes where you are in charge of lessons and have the added ability to charge a higher rate. Gaining a clientele of private students generally comes through networking and building your contact list. Private tutoring times slots can be filled from later in the afternoon until around 10pm at night (due to the Spanish lifestyle) allowing you to work with an English teaching school during the day. TESOL Course graduates may also find themselves working in public schools, who set out a pre-determined criteria for you to follow. As another option, TESOL Course graduates might also find employment teaching business English.  These classes can be ideal timing for some tutors, as they generally occupy the morning and lunchtime periods. While business English teachers are expected to have through lesson planning and preparation work, their roles include a much higher rate of pay then regular tutors. Additionally, as the students are not beginner, a business background can be advantageous.

TESOL Courses in Spain: Are flights and housing included?

In short no. Flights and accommodation are generally not included in TESOL course graduates first year contracts. However, if you are staying for an extra year with the same employer you may have the opportunity to negotiate extra options and benefits for the future.

TESOL Courses in Spain: What is the salary like?

Spain is not known for its high TESOL salaries, but wages generally sit around EUR1,400 per month (this equates to just under AUD2,000 per month). Generally you will teach between 25 and 30 hours per week, but you will have the ability to freelance and create additional work (and additional income) for yourself.

Should I Look for a TESOL Job Before Moving to Spain or After?

Although job advertisements for TESOL in Spain are available, institutions prefer students who apply in person. Many contracts begin in October (the start of the school year) and some individuals may find jobs in January (when the second semester begins). But many institutions begin the TESOL teacher hiring process as early as April to be prepared for the next academic year. While each method has its benefits and downfalls, many employers advise the ‘door-knocking’ technique in Spain and encourage teachers to build a contact list for the option of private tutoring (as it offers higher pay and more lucrative hours then working for a school). Its a great idea to highlight on your resume any previous experience in a teaching environment (even if it was just practice hours as part of your TESOL course) as well as experience in the business environment and work with children.

A TESOL course makes you eligible to teach English in Spain

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education.*

TESOL Courses in Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona is home to more than 4.5 million people and is the second largest city in Spain. The city is a leading tourist destination and participates heavily in economic and commercial business. Barcelona’s participation and support of education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and arts make it one of the worlds major global cities. This is one of the most popular locations for TESOL Course graduates.

TESOL Courses in Spain: Madrid

Madrid is one of the top locations for TESOL Course graduates and has a significant amount of job vacancies out of all destinations in Spain. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city with huge connections to international business. Madrid is the third largest city in Europe with almost 7.5 million residents in the greater-metropolitan area.

TESOL Courses in Spain: Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and another popular destination for TESOL Course graduates. The city is a much cheaper place to live than Madrid and Barcelona and English teachers are in high demand in universities as well as private and public schools. There are two main English teaching schools here: Opening English School and Wall Street Institute.

TESOL Courses in Spain: Seville

Seville has a population of just over 1.2 million and is the 4th largest city in Spain. The city is a huge participant in business. Although Seville does not have the same number of TESOL job opportunities available in Madrid and Barcelona, the market is still sizable and the smaller city boasts a lower cost of living than its counterparts.

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised TESOL Certification with Inspire Education today!

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised TESOL Certification with Inspire Education today!*

What is it Like to Live in Spain?

The cost of living is significantly cheaper in Spain than Australia. An apartment in the city centre generally equates to EUR550 per month, with one outside the city centre around EUR350-400 per month. Spain also boasts lower pricing of groceries, restaurants and consumer prices. I have compiled a list of prices a TESOL Course ex-pat living in Spain is likely to come across.

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education.*

• Cheap meal EUR10
• Three course meal EUR40
• Take out meal EUR6.5
• 500ml Beer EUR2
• Cappuccino EUR1.5
• 330ml Coke EUR1.6
• 1.5litre Water EUR0.6
• 1litre Milk EUR0.8
• 500g Bread EUR0.9
• 12 Eggs EUR1.5
• 1kg Rice EUR1
• One way transportation ticket EUR1.4
• 1litre Gas EUR1.4
• Electricity, gas, water, garbage allowance EUR95 per month

Next Weeks TESOL Courses Graduate Location

Spain is a fantastic destination for TESOL Course students! If you have any questions about the TESOL Courses available or where they can take you, leave a comment! Next week Inspire will take a look at the TESOL Course Certification and working in Korea.

Don’t forget to check back regularly to keep up to date with all the latest in TESOL Course news and information and to find out about our next TESOL destination…Korea! Have you worked in Spain with a TESOL Course certification? If that answer is YES, how was your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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