Teaching English As A Second Language In Korea

Teaching English As A Second Language In Korea

What is a better way to start off a brand new year than by beginning a TESOL Certification? Why not make 2013 YOUR year for travel, change and education! If you have been thinking about completing an English teaching course, or are merely interested in the prospects and wanting to find out more, check out the internationally recognized Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Alternatively, if you are currently studying TESOL or have just graduated, congratulations!

You may already have a destination in mind, or like many thousands of TESOL Course graduates, you have no idea…This is a fantastic opportunity, allowing you to be open to the endless possibilities that come with completing a TESOL Course. TESOL will allow you to teach English to children, teenagers and adults, as well as English for business which is in high demand through Asia. Today’s post will look into one of the all-time favourite TESOL destinations, South Korea.

Without further ado, welcome to Inspire Education’s TESOL Course Destination Series:

Teaching English As A Second Language In Korea

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised TESOL Certification with Inspire Education today

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised TESOL Certification with Inspire Education today!*

TESOL Course Graduates in Asia

The Asian economy is one of the most rapidly expanding economies in the world. In particular, South Korea has had huge influence on international trade and as such, increased its demand for TESOL Course graduates, particularly those with knowledge of teaching business English. While there is TESOL job demand across the whole country, most of the large cities and towns have an abundance of privately owned language schools as well as having huge job opportunities in publicly run schools.

South Korea and TESOL Courses

To teach English in South Korea, there are a few requirements you must comply with. These are general and, of course, can vary between employers and your level of experience.

• You have to hold a passport from a native English speaking country (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States of America).
• You need a relevant qualification, like the Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Course certification) – preferably internationally recognised. A qualification is essential to gain employment in South Korea.
• There is no requirement for previous English teaching experience. This shows why South Korea is a top destination for TESOL Course graduates!
• Generally, employers require you to be under 56 years of age at the time of your employment.

Typically, the best English teaching jobs are given to those with the highest TESOL (or other English teaching) qualification. For personal support and development, its great to get your practical teaching hours up and learn how to manage a classroom and teach effectively. This is one of the biggest hurdles many new English teachers face, as TESOL employers expect you to be ready to take on a classroom if you hold  the TESOL Course certification. Once you have this valuable experience paired with your TESOL Course qualification, you will have an excellent foundation for future employment and the opportunity to progress into the career of English teaching.

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education.*

Where Can I Work in South Korea with a TESOL Course Certification?

South Korea is one of the best destinations to teach English and boasts one of the highest paying TESOL course student salaries on offer. Generally, taking a job in Korea means you will be set up fully by your employer (flights, insurance, salary, accommodation and bonuses) and also have the option of taking on private students in your free time to earn more money.

TESOL Courses in Korea: Are flights and housing included?

Yes, most TESOL Course graduate employers will pay for a return airfare for their foreign employees. Additionally, normally housing is included for TESOL Course graduates and the apartment is likely to be furnished (and may be single or shared). If this is not the case, or you choose to move out of employee accommodation, employers will usually help you to find a new apartment.  For a one bedroom apartment in the city centre, prices are around AUD530 per month and for a one bedroom apartment outside of the city centre you can expect to pay around AUD300 – 390 per month.

TESOL Courses in Korea: What is the salary like?
Inspire Education is a leading provider of nationally accredited and nationally recognised TESOL Courses.

Inspire Education is a leading provider of nationally accredited and nationally recognised TESOL Courses.*

TESOL Course graduates on average earn between AUD2,000 and 3,000 per month. This is a great salary in terms of the lower number of hours worked per week, fantastic working times and the low cost of living Korea offers. Employees are also likely to receive a bonus (generally one months salary) as well as return flights to their home country for every 12 month contract completed. Employers also pay for the insurance costs of working travellers.

Working in South Korea also means you will receive on average, 10 days of holiday pay, as well as the Korean public holidays which take the total paid holiday allowance up to around 21 days. Salaries can vary depending on the school and your experience. Tax rates are around 5% and you will teach a maximum of 30 hours per week and your living expenses generally consume around 20-25% of your salary.

TESOL Courses: Should I Look for a TESOL Job Before Moving to South Korea or After?

Inspire Education has a career search available online and conducting a basic search of TESOL “AND” Korea resulting in over 670 jobs matching this criteria. Though these jobs will be differentiated by the experience required and benefits offered, they are a great starting tool to boost your TESOL teaching career. It is also a lot easier to organize your work visa from your home country. Additionally, as many employers offer free flights and accommodation, these are benefits you will miss out on if you begin your job search overseas.

TESOL Courses in Korea: Seoul

With more than 10 million inhabitants, Seoul is the countries capital and the biggest centre for commerce. There is many opportunities for TESOL graduates to teach English right across the city.  Being a huge city you will never run out of things to do.

TESOL Courses in Korea: Busan

Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea and subsequently, has the second biggest amount of TESOL course certification graduate jobs available to English teachers.

TESOL Courses in Korea: Jeju

Jeju is known as the island paradise of Korea. It offers a very relaxed lifestyle and is almost the opposite of Seoul. A great destination for TESOL Course graduates!

TESOL Courses in Korea: Gwangju

Gwangju is located in the country and has many positions available for TESOL students and English language teachers within universities and both private and publicly run language schools.

TESOL Courses: What is it Like to Live in South Korea?

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education.

Enrol in a TESOL Course with Inspire Education.*

Living in South Korea is a great opportunity for TESOL Course graduates to teach English. The pay is relatively good and the work is relatively easy (with good working hours). The people are fantastic and friendly, making South Korea a welcome place to live. Regarding money, 1AUD = 1135 South Korean Wons (KRW). For your convenience I have complied a list of the pricing of common items you might need while living in South Korea.

• Cheap meal KRW6,000 = AUD5.2
• Three course meal KRW15,000 = AUD13.2
• Take out KRW5,000 = AUD4.4
• 500ml Korean beer KRW2,600 = AUD2.3
• 330ml Coke KRW1,200 = AUD1
• 330ml Water KRW900 = AUD0.8
• 1litre Milk KRW2,000 = AUD1.7
• 12 Eggs KRW3,000 = AUD2.6
• Cigarettes KRW2,600 = AUD2.3
• One way transportation ticket KRW1,000 = AUD0.8
• Movie ticket KRW8,000 = AUD7

If you want to read more on living in South Korea Click Here. Also, to see further information on the graph below (compiled from more than 1,500 entries from over 150 contributors on the costs of basic items and the distribution cost of living expenses in South Korea) Click Here.

Living Expenses in South Korea for TESOL qualification holders

Available from http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=South+Korea.

Next Weeks TESOL Courses Graduate Location

South Korea is one of the most popular choices for TESOL course students! If there are any questions on TESOL in Korea, job prospects, or English teaching in general, leave a comment below! Next week Inspire will focus on the TESOL Course certification and teaching English in South America.  South America is a very popular location with English teachers having a good quality of living and with great travel prospects!

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Have you worked in South Korea with a TESOL course certification? If that answer is YES, how was your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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