Teaching English As A Second Language In Dubai

Teaching English As A Second Language In Dubai

Welcome to part 3 of Inspire’s TESOL course destination series:

Teaching English As A Second Language In Dubai

If you have recently completed a TESOL Course Certification, like the Cert IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or a TEFL, CELTA, ESOL or ESL course… CONGRATS! Now you enter the most exciting part of your TESOL adventure, choosing a teaching destination!

By now you probably already know the importance and significance of getting a TESOL Course qualification and the huge demand for TESOL Course qualified teachers around the world! More than 20,000 TESOL job applications are posted each month alone, meaning huge potential to launch your English teaching career around the world. While the last two weeks have focused on teaching English in Asia (in particular China and Japan), this week we will look at the Middle Eastern location of Dubai.

Why TESOL Courses?

Like many Australians, you may ask the question, why study a TESOL course? Well, there are a variety of reasons and the TESOL Course can give you a competitive advantage in the job market. In many countries were English is spoken as a foreign language, a TESOL Course certification is almost a prerequisite to secure a job in teaching English.

Not only does a TESOL Course qualification, like the Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Course 40649SA), open a variety of opportunity, it also trains you in effective English teaching techniques, gives you the skills to manage a classroom environment and solidifies your knowledge of the English language and appropriate grammar.

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TESOL Course Graduates in the Middle East

TESOL Course graduates are in high demand throughout the Middle East, particularly in locations like Dubai, Bahrain, Israel, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. The types of English teaching jobs are endless and can include private English colleges and both private and public schools. TESOL Course graduates might also find employment working as an in-house English language teacher (a knowledge of business English is advantageous here).

Applying for TESOL jobs in the Middle East means the employer will handle a large amount of the employment process. In addition to needing a passport (with at least six months validity from they day your employment contract ends) you will also need a work visa and sponsorship letter from a future employer. You might also require personal references to get a job and a letter of release to change and leave a job (depending on the location of work within the Middle East).

Dubai and TESOL Courses

Over the past decade, the tourism sector in Dubai has experienced a huge increase, meaning significant importance is placed on the English teaching market. There are a huge variety of opportunities available to TESOL Course graduates and the demand is continuing to grow.

TESOL Courses in Dubai: What is included?

Working for a private company in Dubai means access to a variety of employment benefits. Flights, accommodation and insurance will be part of the employment contract and depending on the employer, you may receive a family allowance, relocation cost and bonus. Many companies offer only a 12 month contract and hire year round.

Unlike Asian TESOL Course destinations, which work between 15 and 25 hours per week, Dubai expects students to be employed full-time and hours range between 40 and 48 hours per week. Additionally, due to the higher rate of pay and many benefits, holiday’s are rarely included and are taken at your own expense.

TESOL Courses in Dubai: What is the salary like?

Working in Dubai means TESOL salaries are tax-free. Generally, salaries range between AUD2,500 to 4,000 per month, depending on individual qualification and experience.  While TESOL Course graduates are typically paid between United Arab Emirates (AED)8,000 and 11,000, the cost of living in Dubai is relatively low, around AED1,500 per month. With the inclusions of accommodation and health care, this means you will have a sizable amount of disposable income each month.

TESOL Course graduates in Dubai are typically paid between AED,000 and AED11,000 each month

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TESOL Courses: What Is Living in Dubai Like?

Dubai has some of the most amazing natural and man-made attractions in the entire world. It is famous for shopping and markets and is a travel destination for millions of tourists every year. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the second largest, behind Abu Dhabi. It is comprised of approximately 4,000 square kilometers and is most populated area of the UAE. It is important that you organize your visa and job before leaving Australia. This is mainly due to visa requirements and getting a work visa after arriving in Dubai is almost impossible.

If you do choose to get a TESOL job in Dubai, the city offers you endless extra-curricular opportunities. While Dubai is known for its shopping malls, there is also the indoor ski slopes, the gold souk market, the world’s only seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab, the traditional part of Dubai, the man made islands, camel riding and 4WD in the dessert or taking up the nation’s golf obsession.

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Next Weeks TESOL Courses Location

As we can see, Dubai is one of the top TESOL Course destination around! If you have any questions about TESOL Courses or teaching English in Dubai leave a comment below! Next week, Inspire will look at the TESOL Course certification and gaining a teaching position in Europe. Don’t forget to check back soon for more TESOL  destinations or subscribe to Inspire’s RSS feed!

Have you worked in Dubai or the Middle East with a TESOL Course certification? If that answer is YES, how was your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL Course students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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