Teaching English As A Second Language In China

Teaching English As A Second Language In China

Welcome to part 2 of Inspire’s TESOL course destination series:

Teaching English As A Second Language In China

If you have recently completed a TESOL Course Certification like the Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or a TEFL, CELTA, ESOL congratulations! You are now onto the most exciting part of your TESOL adventure… choosing a destination.

After completing your TESOL course its safe to say you will be in demand. There are so many opportunities that stem from gaining a TESOL Course qualification, including the opportunity to teach English in an overseas destination. Today’s post is going to look at one of the most popular TESOL course destinations…China!

TESOL Course Graduates in Asia

TESOL Course grads are in demand – and nowhere more than China! The Asian economy is one of the most rapidly expanding in the world. China in particular is an economic powerhouse and the nation is placing huge importance on English teaching. To put this into perspective, there are more people learning English in China then the entire population of the United States (over 300 million). Within China there are more than 100 English teaching schools across 60 cities – meaning there is a location to suit you!

Teaching English in China

China boasts a huge amount of English teaching opportunities for TESOL Course graduates. Teaching certification requirements vary with employer and can range from a degree qualification to a TESL, TEFL, CELTA, ELS, ESOL or TESOL Course certification. Additionally, some employers only require a high school diploma. So, no matter what skill level you possess, China will have a job for you!

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Where Can I Work in China with a TESOL Certification?

China hires for TESOL qualified individuals all year round and accepts a variety of teaching contracts, from a few months up to a year or more.While working as an English teacher in China, you are likely to be employed anywhere from 15 to 25 hours per week, depending on your contact (meaning you have the option to take up more hours working as a private tutor!).

TOP TOP: The longer your contract, the more benefits you are likely to receive!

TESOL Courses in China: Are flights included?

Many Chinese English teaching school offer to pay for return flights once per yer for individuals who sign a 12 month contract. Some employers will also offer bonuses (but not all). There isn’t much of a ‘norm’ for TESOL Course jobs in China, so it is best to check the contract options before formalising anything!

TESOL Courses in China: Is housing included?

Again, many English teaching companies offer subsidized housing, a housing allowance (incorporated into pay) or free housing. If this is not an option, employers will find you housing close, or near to work (but this is rarely the case – most employers are focused on offering TESOL course workers accommodation!).

Some employers also offer insurance and paid holidays as a part of the contract, however, this is generally offered by public institutions and large private institutions. Regarding vacations, as a rule of thumb, English teachers normally get one to two weeks off per year. Again, this is typically offered by public sector employers as opposed to private schools. Chinese schools do not take a summer or winter break so your holidays will be taken whenever (unless you are working for a universities or a college, which is likely to have a longer vacation break than schools).

TESOL Courses in China: What is the salary like?

Currently, there is no set standard for English teaching wages in China (or any other country for that matter!). For those with little experience and a TESOL Course qualification, wages sit around AUD500. However, more experience and a higher qualification means earning potential can reach over AUD1000 per month. Salaries also depend on the environment you are teaching in and whether you are working within a public kindergarten, school, college or university, or teaching English in a private business. As a rule of thumb, private institutions are known to pay less than public ones.

TESOL graduates may get into English teaching careers in China

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Should I look for TESOL jobs before moving to China or after I relocate?

There are many great locations in China that you can work in with your TESOL Course qualification. While two of the most popular are Beijing and Shanghai, there is also fantastic TESOL opportunities at Kunming and Zhuhai. With just under half a million Chinese learning to speak English in China, there is a huge demand for TESOL Course graduates.

TESOL qualified individuals will find employment throughout the nation, within huge cities and small local communities. Like Japan, there is also huge emphasis and importance placed on students with teaching business English qualifications.

TESOL Courses in China: Beijing

Beijing is one of the most popular Chinese TESOL locations in general, and a favourite among Asian destinations. The city has a huge demand for TESOL Course graduates and is a great place for first-time westerners moving over. With a population of more than 20 million, Beijing has just about everything you could ask for.

TESOL Courses in China: Shanghai

Shanghai is another popular choice among TESOL Course graduates and is one of China’s main financial centers. Shanghai is home to almost 400,000 foreigners and has a huge job market. One bedroom apartments in the city range from 4,000 to 9,000RMB per month, with homes and larger apartments from 8,000RMB onwards. Leases are generally taken in the form of 12 months contracts, and the longer the lease, the lower the rent.

TESOL Courses in China: Kunming

Kunming is one of the lesser known Capitals of China but is a bustling political, economic and financial district that has huge demand for English teachers and TESOL Course graduates. The general wages in Kunming are around 100RMB per hour of one-on-one teaching and accommodation for one bedroom is approximately 400RMB per month up to 1000RMB for an entire apartment. In Kunming, the language spoken is Mandarin.

TESOL Courses in China: Zhuhai

Zhuhai is located nearby Hong Kong and Macau. The city is modernized and a popular destination for TESOL Course grads! It boasts a low cost of living and has lots of extra-curricular activities you can occupy during free time. Zhuhai is also an easy train trip away from Shanghai and Beijing.

TESOL Courses in China: What is it Like to Live in China?

Moving from a western country, you will find many differences living in China. The cost of living is quite low, which means the English teaching salary earned will go a long way. Basic foods like milk, eggs, rice, water, beer and bread retail for under 7RMB (AUD1). Eating out is also quite cheap with take away meals around 20RMB and dine in restaurants with three courses around 80RMB.

Transportation, like taxis and bike rides, are very cheap with the metro one of the quickest, easiest and lowest cost ways to get around. You can also get custom made clothes and travel between cities for between 200 – 500RMB!

English tutors are in demand in China

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Next Week’s TESOL Courses Graduate Location

Undoubtedly, China is one of the most popular TESOL destinations. Hopefully this post has answered a number of questions regarding teaching English in China – if there are any further questions about TESOL, China or teaching English in Asia, please leave a comment below!

Next week Inspire will look at the Middle Eastern TESOL destination of Dubai. Remember to check back regularly and if there is a place you are interested in leave a comment!

Have you worked in China with a TESOL Course Certification? If that answer is YES, how was your experiences? Share your comments, thoughts and inside information with us and help new TESOL Course students make informed decisions on starting their career in English Teaching.

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