Teaching the English Language Through Online Delivery — Your Ultimate Guide for Tips, Tricks, and Info

Teaching the English Language Through Online Delivery — Your Ultimate Guide for Tips, Tricks, and Info

The education and learning field has been booming over the years. You may argue that this is because of today’s technology and the continuous discovery of new trends.

With the help of these factors, a more creative and effective way of teaching has been developed. Today, Online Learning has become the trend for delivering courses across Australia.

Universities, RTOs, and other educational institutions have been investing in and delivering their courses Online, as it has been proven to be an effective and popular delivery method today.

There are a lot of courses that are now delivered through Online Learning, but one of the most prominent areas is teaching English online.


Is There a Demand for Online English Teachers?

Teaching English online has seen a major increase in demand, and according to teachaway.com, the top 6 countries that have the highest demand for online English teachers are China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, the USA, and Canada.

Imagine the individual markets from each of these counties. It’s clear that there are millions of people currently studying English all over the world, and there’s massive demand.


What are the Basics for Teaching English Online?

Teaching English through online delivery might be something new for teachers and trainers who are accustomed to the traditional way of teaching, so knowing the fundamentals is crucial. Here are some considerations:


Being able to connect to your students

The thing about online classes is that both you and your students will rely heavily on computer equipment. Having average-grade equipment will do, but using a computer with above average specifications is better. This will greatly improve the way you connect with your students — an important factor to your success as an online English teacher.

You will need a decent computer and a stable internet connection. You also have to make sure that these are operating at an optimal level. Having poor connection to the internet or having a slow computer may cause a frustrating learning experience to both you and your student.

The next thing you need to secure is excellent audio quality. Since the online learning process is done at a distance, you’ll have to maximise the use of the oral and visual communication. Having excellent audio equipment involves getting good earphones, headsets, and microphones.


Know the specifics of what you are teaching

Generally, you will be teaching English online to individuals who have little to none knowledge and experience of the language. With this in mind, it’s best to have a plan on what you want or need to teach.

This means you should start by focusing on a specific topic. Conversational English, Business English, and Academic English are some of the types you may focus on.

After each one, you may slowly move on to the next. It would be best to assess what your students want and need to learn during your planning process.

Having this kind of approach can help your students go from learning the basics, to gradually climbing up the ladder, to being fluent speakers of the English language.

To further help you on strengthening your English fundamentals, consider getting qualified with the Certificate IV in TESOL. It is an internationally recognised qualification in teaching English to speakers of other languages, and a good addition to your resume.

Simply click here to visit Inspire Education’s Cert IV TESOL page, and enquire now to get all the info you need.


How or Where Can You Teach English Through Online Delivery?

Today, you would find hundreds of institutions that dedicate themselves in teaching the English language through online learning.

One of the many providers of Online training for English is SayABC. It is a fast-growing company that provides an international learning experience for children in China who are 5 to 12 years of age.

They are based in Beijing but has servers in Singapore, Japan, Korea, North America, The Middle East, Europe and Australia to accommodate everyone from across the world who are interested in working as an Online English Teacher.

If you are looking for a job that can go with your interest in teaching the English language, then SayABC is offering a good opportunity as they are currently hiring Online English Language Teachers. You can visit their website and know more about their company by clicking here.


Now that you have the know-hows, be sure to take advantage of the current demand for Online English teachers. Take note of the tips mentioned, and who knows, it might be just what you need to get into teaching English to speakers of other languages, or improve your teaching methods if you’re already a qualified TESOL trainer.

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