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Teacher’s Aide Skills: What it Takes to get into Education Support

It is arguably a wide known fact, that some of the most rewarding career and job opportunities out there involves working with children.

Being directly involved in children’s education and development during their formative years is such a fulfilling thing in itself — but it’s also something not everyone is cut out for.

New challenges come every now and then. It is a demanding line of work, as you need to be prepared for every possible scenario that comes with the job.

Being in Education Support can provide you with a fulfilling and rewarding career — as long as you have what it takes.

Read on and learn more about teacher’s aide skills and what it takes to get into a demanding yet fulfilling career in Education Support.


The Top Teacher’s Aide Skills You Need to Have


I. Communication Skills

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Having great communication skills is important for teacher’s aides to perform at their best.

Collaborating and working closely with teachers is one of the main functions of a teacher’s aide — which is why it’s essential to create a harmonious and functional relationship with your colleagues.

Moreover, having excellent communication skills will also help you become a better teacher’s aide in terms of dealing and connecting with children.

This is necessary for certain situations like delivering clear and easy-to-follow instructions or explaining certain lessons.

Being able to communicate effectively amongst colleagues and with children is one of the most important teacher’s aide skills one should have.


II. Creative and Organisational Skills

More often than not, teacher’s aides are assigned with preparing engaging activities and group work for the class.

Being creative and having organisational skills will greatly help you in coming up with activities and workloads that are engaging and can stimulate learning in a fun way.

This teacher’s aide skill is important, as being creative can keep children interested to learn inside the classroom, all while having fun at the same time.

Being creative can also come in handy when dealing with unexpected scenarios inside the classroom.

Creativity can help teacher’s aides be more flexible and adaptive — which helps one become competent in education support.


III. Tech-Savvy

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While being tech-savvy is not a major teacher’s aide skill, it does help to be one. Having basic know-how on setting up PowerPoint presentations for fun games or activities or creating fun and educational videos can absolutely light things up in the classroom.

With the current generation of children, who’s more inclined to technology than any other previous generations of kids, you might want to polish up on this skill, as being able to use technology in this line of work can be very beneficial.


IV. Patience

Working with children is not an easy thing to do. This is why if you’re aspiring to get into education support, one of the most important skills or traits to possess is patience.

This is absolutely necessary to create a positive learning environment. This is even more emphasised when children with disabilities are in the picture.

As a teacher’s aide, you must understand and accept that some days might be difficult, especially since you will be working with children who have different backgrounds, personalities, behaviours, etc.

Being patient means you are ready and willing to be with these children, through their good and bad days in the classroom. After all, the main goal is to help them develop, grow, and have a great learning experience inside the four corners of the classroom.


Become a Qualified Teacher’s Aide!

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To officially become a qualified teacher’s aide, you need to take the Certificate III in Education Support. This nationally recognised qualification will help you learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a full-fledged teacher’s aide.

While you may inherently have some teacher’s aide skills/traits, like the genuine passion for working with children, taking the Cert III in Ed Support course will further equip you with the tools you need to turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

Learn more about this teacher’s aide course by clicking here.

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