TAE40116 Online Courses - Where Are They?

TAE40116 Online Courses – Where Are They?

Why Don’t Most RTOs Offer the TAE40116 Online Course?

August 24, 2017 Update! The new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is now open for enrolments! Please click here to get complete course informationIf you already hold the TAE40110, click here to upgrade to the TAE40116.

There’s a new Cert IV TAE in Australia, the TAE40116 course, but online courses are almost nowhere to be found. Read on to know why.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has long been one of Australia’s top nationally accredited qualifications, helping develop workplace trainers for every industry today to upskill their staff.  The TAE40116 is now the latest version of this ‘train the trainer’ course after it superseded the well-known TAE40110 last April 2016, but finding a self-paced distance study course online is still extremely difficult today more than a year after its release.

Online distance learning was a big reason why the TAE40110 was extremely popular among Australians who wanted to start or advance their career in either workplace training or vocational training. It had extremely flexible study methods, and you had the option to study it as an online course, or as a Face to Face course.

This is why many new trainers who are looking get qualified today are wondering, “Where are all the TAE40116 online courses?”

Here’s what you need to know:

Why are TAE40116 online courses hard to find today?

The TAE40116 online course is hard to find as only a few RTOs are currently capable of offering the new training and assessment online course.

Besides Face to Face delivery, there are very few options for any delivery method at this moment since RTOs are still figuring out how to teach the new Cert IV Training and Assessment course through other delivery methods. Though some RTOs have successfully developed the new training and assessment online course delivery method, the most common trainer’s course for now is still the TAE40116 Face to Face workshop course.

The new requirements and the increased workload of this course make it difficult for many RTOs to create tasks and activities for online classroom delivery. The assessments, validations, RPL, and other course requirements must be done in an actual training environment. Additionally, simulated scenarios and environments are no longer accepted in the new Cert IV TAE course — these requirements delay many RTOs from designing an online version of the course.

Despite these obstacles however, the TAE40116 Online course has some unique benefits which make designing it very much worthwhile.

What are the unique benefits of taking an online TAE40116 course?

Online classes are suitable for everyone because of the flexibility and convenience that it offers. If you have a job, then taking a TAE40116 Online course will enable you to get your training and assessment qualification while studying at the same time as you can schedule your own study time — even during work breaks, commutes, weekends, or whenever you have time to spare. One of the many reasons why the new training and assessment online classes are popular is because they fit in everyone’s schedule. Online classes are typically self-paced and you can submit course requirements at any time during the whole duration of the online course.

The TAE40116 Online course is typically offered for a much cheaper price too. The reason for this is that Online classes are less costly for RTOs to deliver — you would pay less for learning resources and venue rentals, if any. In addition, you won’t have to pay for gas or fare anymore as you don’t have to step outside of your house anymore. You can study from the comfort of your own bedroom if you like!

Another unique advantage of taking the new Certificate IV Training and Assessment Online course is that there is no fixed number of hours that you are required to work in the vocational placement. The duration of the placement is indefinite — you can take your time gaining actual work experience or you can work through the placement if you choose to. Being able to go through the vocational placement in your own pace is a great benefit to learners as they will be able to work through assessments in their own learning pace.


The TAE40116 course is the latest nationally accredited and recognised training course but it is only offered by 32 RTOs. Learners ask us why the online courses are hard to find.

Here’s why:

  • Only a few RTOs offer the TAE40116 Online course
  • Currently, the TAE40116 face to face workshops are more commonly offered
  • Many RTOs are still researching on how to deliver the online course effectively, some are not able to deliver the online course because of the new and stricter TAE40116 requirements 
  • Only a few RTOs have been successful in developing the training and assessment online course, but they are now offering the TAE40116 online course.

Despite being less commonly offered than the training and assessment Face to Face course, the TAE40116 Training and Assessment Online course still has some unique benefits such as having your own schedule, studying at your own pace, convenience, more affordable fees, and a uniquely time-flexible vocational placement.

Currently, a few RTOs are able to offer the new Cert IV TAE online course. However, you can expect more RTOs and TAFEs to find a way to make the TAE40116 suitable for online delivery in the future as there is a massive demand for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online course.

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