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TAE40116 Face to Face and Online Courses: What’s the difference?

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TAE40116 Face to Face and Online Courses: What’s the difference?

August 24, 2017 Update! The new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is now open for enrolments! Please click here to get complete course information. If you already hold the TAE40110, click here to upgrade to the TAE40116.

There’s a new training qualification in Australia — the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and it is commonly taken through Face to Face delivery. But why?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is among the top nationally accredited and recognised courses in Australia, and it has helped upskill and develop trainers from all industries. The new TAE40116 is the latest course for trainers as it has replaced the previous industry standard, the TAE40110 on April 6, 2016. The latest version of the “train the trainers” course is typically delivered in Face to Face classes despite the demand for TAE40116 online classes.

Learners usually ask us, “Why do most RTOs only offer the TAE40116 Face to Face workshop courses and not online?”

Here’s what you should know:

1. Why are Face to Face workshops more common for the TAE40116 course?

The new TAE40116 is typically offered as Face to Face Workshop classes.

Only 32 RTOs are offering the new training course, and most are in Face to Face delivery because many training organisations are still developing other delivery methods for the course. Many RTOs are still finding ways to deliver the course through the online course as this qualification is still new. However, there are some RTOs that have successfully begun offering the course online.

Also, the TAE40116 has additional course requirements which will demand a more hands-on approach. It will take some time for an RTO to integrate these requirements into other delivery methods — an example of this would be the TAE40116 online course which is only offered by a few RTOs. The ease in designing the Certificate IV Training and Assessment Face to Face course compared to other delivery methods means that the TAE40116 will be more likely to be delivered in Face to Face workshops.

The typical case is that most RTOs can only offer TAE40116 Face to Face classes as of now, because the new stricter requirements delay them in designing other delivery methods. Only a few other Cert IV TAE courses are offered now besides Face to Face, and they are usually ‘Mixed’ or ‘Blended’ with TAE40116 Face to Face workshops classes.

The TAE40116 Face to Face Workshop course is typically offered compared to the online course but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider this option. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of the Face to Face workshops classes compared the TAE40116 Online course.

2. Benefits and disadvantages of Face to Face vs Online Course

The benefits of the TAE40116 Face to Face workshop course vs the Online Course are:

You will have easier access to resources such as candidates, participants, and live guidance from a trainer if you take the Face to Face Cert IV TAE course. The other learners in this course can be participants to your assessments and you wouldn’t have to look any farther. The live guidance from the trainer may also help you grasp your lessons.

Taking the workshop course will give you a more immersive experience since assessments, validations, RPL, etc. are delivered in an actual VET environment such as an RTO, a TAFE, or other institutions for vocational education.

The disadvantages of the TAE40116 Face to Face workshop course vs the Online Course are:

It is often much more expensive since you would have to pay more for classroom or workshop venues, printouts, and other learning resources that wouldn’t cost as much if they were provided in digital copies.

Additionally, the new Cert IV TAE Face to Face course is less time-flexible and convenient. This course isn’t suitable for everyone, especially those who have a job or other obligations as the classes may conflict with their work schedule. Australians who don’t live in capital cities may also have to travel to take workshop classes.

3. Summary

The TAE40116 is the latest nationally accredited and recognised training course, and it is typically offered as the TAE40116 Face to Face workshop course. This is because of the following:

  • • Only a few RTOs have explored other delivery methods because the Face to Face course is easier to develop
  • • They have yet to design other courses such as the new Cert IV TAE online course
  • • The new and stricter requirement for the course have delayed their development of other delivery methods

The benefits of the new Cert IV Training and Assessment Face to Face workshops vs Online Courses are:

  • • Easier access to resources such as candidates, participants, and live guidance from a trainer
  • • More immersive experience by working in an actual working environment

The disadvantages of the new Cert IV Training and Assessment Face to Face workshops vs Online Courses are:

  • • Fees are generally more expensive
  • • Less flexible and convenient than the online counterpart

Knowing the difference of these two courses in mind, you should be able to pick out the course that’s more suitable for you.


You can visit our TAE40016 page now and ask our Enrolment Coordinator now to know more about the course.

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  • Ngatuaine Teko says:

    Tae 40116 online course how much?

  • JOHN says:

    Hi There, this is John. I am interested in TAE40116 on line face to face course. I am wondering that can you please provide more information for this course, 1. how much about this course?
    2. How long do I need study for it? 3. Do I must have working experience for it? 4. Do you have a time schedule for this class, because I am working full time, I need check the available time. Thank you very much for your help!

    • Joshua says:

      Thank you for your interest, John. The TAE40116 is available right now at only $1290, in line with our Spring Sale. You will be given up to 12 months to complete the course, along with the required vocational placement. Please enquire here to claim a free and complete Infopack. It contains the rest of the course details, including timetables and other requirements.

  • Dillon Ngamoki says:

    Do you have approximate dates for face to face in Sydney – is it more likely 2nd half of 2018?

  • PALAQ says:


    Is the fee for face to face class same as online course ? please confirm how much is it ?

  • Anthony Swain says:

    Hi There,
    Please advise on course dates being run from Perth

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