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Be a Successful Executive Assistant: What Does it Take?

Today’s business owners and CEOs understand that if they want their business to be successful, they need heaps of helping hands to make the dream work.

Aid from assistants can mean a great deal for executives to meet their goals on a consistent basis.

Being the head of a company, it’s quite imperative that their workload and schedules will always be fully-booked. This is where executive assistants come in and be of help in any way possible.

However, what does it truly take to become a successful executive assistant? Is this a job that anyone can perform? Well, like all jobs, there are quite a few skills and traits that will help one become a truly competent and qualified assistant.

After all, being the CEO’s right-hand guy isn’t something to take lightly.

If you’ve been keen to take on a career as an executive assistant, you might want to read on and take note of what does it take to be successful in this line of work.


Executive Assistants Must Be Highly Organised

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Being highly organised is one of the most important traits you should have if you want to be a successful executive assistant.

You will have a key role in ensuring the smallest details don’t go unchecked — whether it’s reminding your boss about that 2 AM meeting, making sure an email is sent to a specific person at a specific time, or booking that place you scouted for a company outing.

Staying organised is a big deal as an assistant, as trying to keep up with management’s pace can get tricky if you aren’t on the same page.

You can waste a lot of time, effort, and even money if things do not go as planned — something you want to avoid as an executive assistant.


Possess Good Communication Skills

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Whether on written form or orally, an excellent assistant is a good communicator.

Be able to express yourself and share ideas with clarity. This avoids communication errors that may lead to disastrous mistakes! You do not want that, especially if your goal as an executive assistant is to make your boss’s corporate life much easier, and not add unnecessary problems.

Good communication skills are also handy for info dissemination, which is one of an assistant’s key tasks, among others.

It’s either info from your boss that needs to be communicated towards the rest of the business, or an urgent matter about the business that needs to reach your boss ASAP.

Overall, being able to communicate effectively is a great skill to have under your belt.


Great at Multi-Tasking

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Are you able to handle multiple workloads at once? Can you think on your feet and oversee heaps of projects at once?

There will be times when you need to get a number of things done, and pressure may build up.

It’s important to keep a cool head and a calm disposition when things get a bit overwhelming.

If you can stay calm despite being under pressure, overseeing multiple projects, and trying to meet deadlines, all while performing at a high level, then you might want to consider being an executive assistant.


Develop the Knack to Make Your Boss Look Good

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As your employer’s assistant, you should understand that getting tasks done and attending meetings and conferences is to make your boss look good, not you.

However, part of your goals as a successful executive assistant is to assist your boss and ensure they reach their goals.

If they’re achieving and getting the job done, that means you’re getting your job done as well! You’re the face and voice of your executive most of the time, so being able to project the kind of reputation your executive is aiming for is an absolute necessity.


Become a Qualified Executive Assistant

The Certificate IV in Business Administration is a nationally accredited and recognised course that will fully equip you with the skills and know-how when it comes to becoming a successful executive assistant.

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